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Lazy Cad Game

A reader sent along this hilarious video of two dudes “gaming” chicks into giving up their phone numbers and, in some instances, agreeing to dates. I put gaming in quotes, because, well, see for yourself

Short, sweet and…

oh so alpha.

There’s no need to dissect every jot and tittle of the game these guys demonstrate in this undercover video. This is more about the ALPHA ATTITUDE than about any specific game tactic or line. You’ve gotta look at the whole package, and what I’m seeing should put the lie to those betas and old skoolers who think you have to woo and compliment girls and generally act like a gentleman to get them to unfurl their figurative pussy lips.

Woo? Compliment? Impress?


How about…

Demand. Look around impatiently. Act unimpressed. Talk like a bored teenage hooligan. Put in the minimum effort. Be a jackass.

Bring the movies” man, say hello to “Put your phone number in my phone” man. Betas watch, and weep bitter tears.

1:42 is especially side splitting. Watch a few seconds in when he turns his body almost completely away from her, and replies “Cause I said” when she asks why she should give him her number. She gives it.

This is asshole game, and chicks LOOOOOOOVE it.

I can already hear the skeptics and knee-jerk haters.

“But those guys are good-looking!”

“They probably did 500 takes and chose the best twenty!”

“Getting girls’ phone numbers is easy!”

You know what? The haters aren’t wrong. They’re not right, but they’re not wrong, either.

Those two guys are better looking than the average man. They’re no Gosling or Tatum, but I’d guess they’re easy on the eyes for most girls.

And yeah, those are probably the best takes out of a lot that failed.

And yes, getting phone numbers is easier than getting the bang.

But here’s the thing. Even if you were of the limited mind that game only works for good-looking guys, you’re still admitting that game works. Because there are a lot of dudes who look as good or better than these guys who don’t get anywhere near the action these two get because those other guys approach women like the dutifully complimentary and investment-heavy beta males that is their comfort zone preference.

The world is filled with decent looking dudes who don’t get much pussy because they got no game. No style. No skill. No JERKBOY CHARISMA.

Are these selective takes? Sure. But that’s still twenty successful number and date closes in what looks to be a couple of afternoons. That’s twenty more pussy leads than most guys will get in TEN YEARS of beta male effort.

Yep, phone numbers are easy. But they’re harder to acquire than nothing. They mean more than air. They have more potential than polite hello’s. You gotta start somewhere champ. Bitching that phone numbers are easy or that the takes are selective or that you’re not good-looking enough to tango will not get you any closer to the prize. It will only feed your need for denial.

Meanwhile, the roadmap to pretty young poos is there for the taking. You just gotta… grab it.


The video guys claim they had a 25% rejection rate.

ps all pointy elbow syndrome comments will be deleted.


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