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After the Vietnam War, the government of Vietnam instituted “reeducation camps“, which were prison camps holding hundreds of thousands of government and military partisans of the former South Vietnam regime. In these camps, psychological torture was often as bad as the physical torture endured by the prisoners. Indoctrination and forced confessions were the order of the day, and the humiliation of the prisoners was total, reaching zeniths of cruelty so abhorrent that many surrendered their identities and wept at the feet of their captors and praised them as gods.

In the former Soviet Union, the infamous Gulag labor camps had a system in place for the “re-education of class enemies“. Red China had such a system, as well, and rumors circulate that China continues the practice of reeducation “of undesirables” to this day.

Commies. Horrible people. Awful, genocidal ideology. Couldn’t happen here, in the land of the free and home of the brave, right?

Watch this video. See if you have the stomach to watch the whole thing without wincing with revulsion.

The vibrant buffoon in this video was hired by the USDA — the UNITED STATES Department of Agriculture — to speak at a “Cultural Transformation” training seminar, aka reeducation camp for white people. You don’t even have to read much between the lines to recognize that the target of his vile propaganda is white people, and in particular, white men. As a mouthpiece of USDA policy, his enemy is the government’s enemy, and that enemy is whites. Never forget that.

The USDA would like you to forget that, though, because as fast as these videos are going up on YouTube, they are being taken down.

Like Communist reeducation camps, the captive (yes, captive, or they lose their jobs) listeners in the audience are being humiliated by this piece of shit into participating in de facto forced confessionals of their imaginary sins, and indoctrination of their “privilege” and “oppression”. You can hear their humiliating subjugation in the way they nervously laugh at slander directed against them. This is the laughter of the bullied beta male trying to go along to get along, so as to avoid any beatings on the playground later.

Not all are feeling humiliated though. Some of that laughter is the cackle of victory, of triumph, of sweet sweet tribal vengeance. Affiliation matters, and the speaker is clear that not all in the audience are designated targets.

Yes, Virginia, it can happen here. It IS happening here. Everywhere. All around you, if you only have the eyes to see. And it is perpetrated by YOUR government, the government you fund and to whom you pay allegiance. YOUR government, YOUR country, is in the racket of utterly humiliating you and your kind. You have lost the loyalty of the very nation your ancestors built into a gleaming castle from nothing but dirt and vast emptiness.

God FUCK America.

The time for petty negotiation is over. Such tactics will only serve to further arouse the hunger of the diversity beast. Insurrection fueled by the illuminating hatred of a thousand suns is the path to progress. Be not afraid. Let the filth and the flotsam know how you feel. Stand up for what is right and true for once in your life, and when they fight back with futile gestures of passive aggressive snark, drive your sword deeper in their guts. To the hilt. And don’t stop until they’re on their knees begging forgiveness. At which point you finish them off.


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