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Stupid SWPL Irony

GLP has a funny post about the tendency of good SWPL libs to inject self-referential irony in their blog bios. There’s even a word for this artless form — catacosmesis. Basically, the SWPL lists things he or she values or wants stressed about their characters, and ends the personal list with some calculated triviality that’s supposed to humanize them (i.e., calm lessers who might (should!) be intimidated by their smarts and accomplishments). For instance, here’s Ezra Klein’s bio:

Blogger/columnist for Washington Post, columnist for Bloomberg View, contributor to MSNBC. Eater of food. Hater of filibuster. Lover of charts.

Beta max.

Feminists, no surprise here, love to scatter their oh-so-serious bios with references to food.

Fearless leader of Skepchick.org, podcaster for SGU, writer, ice cream enthusiast

Oh, how ironic! I’m an atheist feminist SWPL and I’m writing a bio of my SUPER SERIOUS SUPER HIGH ACHIEVER self which, you know, is so gauche!, so let me just stick this little SUPER FUNNY tidbit about my love of ice cream at the end of the sentence. There! I can almost picture my fat feminist and bitch tittied mangina readers chuckling to themselves while missing the real irony that eating a lot of ice cream is what’s making them fat and turning them into man-hating feminists!

Dear SWPL pudding pops, this is what a coolasfuck bio looks like: Let me tell you about my life….BLAM!


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