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Email #1: Daddy issues and the beta son

I grew up with alot of women around me and no father, which makes it harder for me to be an ass to women but at the same time im able to detect alot of bullshit and dodge it ever so elegantly, im pretty sure there are some studies on this, maybe write something about that? lack of male figure in growing up??

This is a difficult subject simply because it’s so hard to disentangle confounding variables in any causal relationship between parental influence (or lack of influence) and the future betatude of sons. What we do know: the bastard spawn of single moms grow up with lower chances at a successful life and higher chances of dysfunction. Now whether this is primarily because biological father absence causes kids to fail at life, or because the deadweight of single moms are genetically prone to failure, or a mix of both, is open for debate. In that spirit of caution, I’ll rely on my bird’s-eye-view impressions of father-son dynamics:

– A boy who grows up in a female-centric, fatherless home is most likely to burst forth from his rotted, disfigured chrysalis a self-destructive omega male. Too much female influence will render him utterly unprepared to acknowledge real female nature. He won’t learn from his mistakes, and he’ll suffer from the bad advice of his mother and sisters. That said, there is a minority of these robbed boys who grow into thugs and ruffians, treating women like shit and learning the dangerous lesson (dangerous for society that is) that chicks dig jerks, so why not give ‘em more of what they crave. These boy usually wind up behind WaWa huffing paint.

– A boy who grows up with a cowardly beta father — the kind of father who bends to the will of the mother every time — will either learn to mimic his father’s ineptitude with women, or he will be so thoroughly repulsed by his father’s weakness that he veers in the opposite direction. My observation is that most boys with beta fathers grow into betas themselves. Nature, nurture, take your pick; result is the same.

– Boys who grow up with faithful, strong alpha fathers typically become alpha themselves, but a minority react to their fathers’ overbearing presence and unreachable standard by turning to the fap side of mincing betatude as a sort of protest lifestyle to rationalize their failing vis a vis their fathers’ success.

– Boys who grow up with asshole-ish, abusive, unfaithful alpha fathers don’t fall far from the tree when it’s their turn to navigate the mating market. However, a minority of these boys grow up totally renouncing their masculinity because they suffered under the burden of their fathers’ masculine intensity. Shrieking feminist manginas are birthed from this type of family cauldron more often than you’d think.

The reader says that growing up in a female-centric family has allowed him to detect typical female bullshit and dodge it when he sees it coming. I don’t disbelieve his personal experience, but in reality I don’t see many fatherless sons in female-run families learning the ropes about women. It seems to be more often the case that the boy immersed in a female world has the ball juice squeezed out of him, as mom and sis and aunt try to mold him into a caricature of what they think women want instead of what women really like.


Email #2: Realtalk

I’m going to all CPAC with my video camera. Since I take inspiration from your blog, I figured I’d ask you if there were any questions/topics you or the readers wanted me to ask the speakers attendees.

If you DO post this to the blog, please don’t use my name…but if I post the video on youtube everyone would know who I am anyway. Eh..

I’ll assume that CPAC is the acronym for “Conservative Political Action Conference”. Any readers want to take a stab at this? Could be interesting to compile a list of Chateau-influenced questions to dispense at a moment’s notice during any political conference or book signing. At the very least, it would be funny to see speakers frozen with fear trying to answer questions that deviate from the usual banal script.

How about this: “Why do you think the elites who control national discourse are so adamant about importing a second underclass?”

Or: “Alternate sexual outlets lower the incidence of rape. Isn’t this a good reason to legalize prostitution?”

Or: “Isn’t it time we get the government out of the business of subsidizing academia?”


Email #3: Hindbrain über alles

OK, Dr. Evolutionary Sociobiologist, WHY?

1. Because women who have had kids have fulfilled their prime directive.

2. Because men become more beta and domesticated within the comfy confines of a relationship.

3. Because older women have lower sex drives.

That should about cover it.


Email #4: If it was that easy, everyone would do it

I’m a 21 year old male. I have considered the possibility of starting a career in fucking girls on the side while I study. I’d get sex from at least average looking young girls (I can choose my clients) and get payed. I wouldn’t have many clients or get any serious dough, but everything is a plus.

The only negative thing I can think of is how boys and girls would react to this if they got to know. Would I ever be able to get pussy from a girl if she knew I had worked as a “man whore”?

What would be the best possible use of words to describe male prostitution? Any advice regarding this topic is appreciated.

This email recalls a study I once read in which attractive men and women approached college-aged members of the opposite sex and asked if they wanted to fuck. Something like 99.9% of the women declined, and three quarters of the men readily agreed to the terms. A starker contrast of the biological differences between the sexes would be hard to find.

Getting from “the possibility of starting a career as a paid gigolo” to “actually having a career as a paid gigolo” is a challenge not to be underestimated. If the stories are true, most gigolos are physically fit gay men who service middle-aged housewives for cash and prizes. Sound like a fun lifestyle? Yeah, I suppose it could be if you ameliorate the disgust of boffing undesirables by having a hot girlfriend waiting at home for you after a long day’s work. But if you think that your job will be mostly getting paid in regular installments by hot young chicks of your choosing for the privilege of bouncing up and down on your cock, well… let’s just say your game would have to be tighter than a virgin’s rusty starfish to pull that off.

But I’m a generous man, so for the purposes of this post, I’ll take you at your word that you can pull this fantasy lifestyle no problem and that you aren’t a troll. To answer your questions, “boys and girls” would react with equal parts envy, consternation and curiosity. That’s a good combination of reactions to elicit from peers if banging and high social status are your goals. And not only would you still be able to pull pussy if word got out about your manwhoring, but you’d pull more than ever. As long as it wasn’t discovered you were a manwhore to rich elderly widows.

The best way to describe your job as a gigolo to potential dates is like this: “I bring happiness and joy to lonely housewives who have forgotten what it’s like to be loved and adored by a man.” Pass the Kleenex.


Email #5: Don’t leave us hanging

Just so you know, I ended up fucking Kristanna Loken, despite the fact that she just got engaged. If you want to know the story, let me know.

Why bother asking this question when you already know the answer? Of course, the readership would like to know how you bagged Kristanna Loken.*

*Judgment of trollery suspended until response received and plausibility analyzed.


Email #6: Hardcore asshole texting

Here’s a text message exchange between me (41) and a gold-digging girl (27, former “9″ but now a “7″ heading downward) who I struck out with and wrote off a month ago.  How would you critique my reaction?  You can publish it; I opened this e-mail account only to send this message.

Da fuck. I laughed reading this. It reads like an exasperated parent humoring a retarded child. There’s a game lesson there.

I’m confused about something, though. Did this emailer strike out before or after this text exchange? I’m trying to figure out if this text was successful in bringing her back into the fold, or if this is why he struck out with her. It seems from the nature of the texts that they have some familiarity with each other.

Anyhow, on a scale of effectiveness, I grade this text exchange a B-. It’s adequately cocky and dismissive, but the teasing comes across a little too strong-armed, almost nasty. The asshole needs to be leavened with a little more amused humor so that he doesn’t risk pushing her away by seeming unattainable or spiteful.

Also, and this is a relevant complaint, the ending of the text exchange sounds try-hard. Pushy. He lost his flirty edge there at the end. Yeah, he’s being cocky, but he’s also pushing harder for some kind of sexual resolution, and she isn’t biting. In fact, his barely concealed motive and slight vibe of anti-flirty gloominess (“I don’t love anyone at this hour”) triggers a series of shit tests from her (“ok, sorry! goodnite!”, “ok, tell her u need a bj!”, “yeah!”) which he does not properly handle. These last replies by her are not indicative of a woman in chaser mode; she is clearly back in the chased mode, and that is not a good mode for a girl to be in if you want to bang her.

The power trajectory shifted after his “I don’t love anyone at this hour” text. A better reply to her would have been:

TARDGIRL: So u don’t love me anymore? I was dreamin bout u baby!

HIM: I bet you were.

This opens the conversation up for more flirting and a possible fuck close.

Here’s a good rule of thumb about texting girls: your replies should get shorter, not longer, as the text conversation length increases. This way, you make it seem like you are investing less into the interaction as time passes, and she is investing more. The person who invests less receives more sexual dividends. In the emailer’s case, his text replies start off short (good) and end up longer than the girl’s (bad). It leaves the impression of frantically struggling at the end for that hail mary pass at sex.

But perhaps I’m splitting hairs. As text exchanges go, this one is better than 99% of the shit that betas mire themselves in. One shouldn’t let perfection be the enemy of good. If the emailer is reading, let us know if you managed to bang this mentally challenged chick. And if she swallowed.


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