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A Generation Hexed chick bemoans the loss of chivalry, and claims modern day chivalry and feminism can coexist:

Living in Manhattan during college and after college would make even the most chivalry-loving women have to get her hands dirty. Unless you’re wealthy and can afford to take cabs everywhere (or do FreshDirect all the time), you carry your groceries home and up your stairs. And you probably live in a sixth-floor walkup! You jump over your own puddles and hail your own cabs. When some weirdo on the subway whips out his penis in front of you, you have to be the one to raise a holy hell. Hulk Hogan is not going to lug your new couch up the stairs, nor is Superman going to show up and defend your honor. Sometimes I would make a joke to my friends that “New York City is where chivalry goes to die.” […]

I cherished the day-to-day feeling that [my boyfriend] cared about me and that he was putting an effort into treating me nicely, beyond just having the basic manners of not chewing with his mouth open or interrupting someone when they were speaking. Just like I have a hard time reconciling my feminist beliefs with my desire to be with a more dominant, alpha male, I also have a hard time reconciling my feminist beliefs with my enjoyment of chivalry. I am now figuring out that the two are not mutually exclusive.

Chivalry and feminism are in fact mutually exclusive. Chivalry involves a tacit quid pro quo; men are chivalrous to women they deem are worthy of the chivalrous sacrifice. Throughout Western history, (Western only, as chivalry was a knighthood concept invented by Europeans during the Middle Ages), men have considered worthy women to be those who are relatively chaste, pure of reputation, monogamously loyal and delicate of manners. Does that describe the typical modern American feminist? Of course not. To ask the question is to laugh at the absurdity of asking it.

When a man holds open a door for a woman, or carries her heavy bags, he is doing so under the guise of an implicit pact between himself and all of womenkind. He assumes her relative weakness, modesty and submissiveness, and she assumes his strength and leadership. There is an unspoken agreement that both sides will hold up their end of the bargain. Implicit, too, in chivalry is a subconscious awareness that women are reproductively more valuable than men. Without a man’s confidence in these assumptions, the rationale for chivalry, and the desire to grant it, dissipate like the memories of so many one night stands.

Feminism is, at its core, an ideology of will to power scaffolded by lies. It has little to do with equality. It’s goal is the power aggrandizement of women at the expense of men (as it has to be since power is zero sum), and by whatever means necessary. That’s it. As long as feminism remains a force in modern society, and sabotages the minds of significant numbers of yummies (Young urban minxes), chivalry is DOA. The two ideologies not only have nothing in common, they are conspicuously antagonistic.

The free flow of information has also helped to kill off chivalry. Thanks to subversive retreats like this blog, women’s true nature is revealed in all its grit and gristle. No man in his right mind would open doors for women he now knows will divorce a beta and strip him of his dignity for a fling with an asshole who gives her Skittles as a birthday gift. Nor would he carry bags for women he now suspects, justifiably, are regular riders of the quasi-anonymous cock carousel. He’ll think twice about holding a cab for a random girl who might be one of those chicks who divulges personal details about her love life on a website called The Frisky. The simple, galling fact that women are sexually enticed by negs is enough to convince normally kind and generous men that pulling out chairs for them is a fool’s errand.

That’s another thing men have learned — when chivalry isn’t buying you a rude lack of acknowledgement from some ravaged city slut, it’s actively making you seem more beta. Men are asking “What’s in it for me?”, and increasingly the answer is “Not much”. And if you think a dearth of chivalrous behavior will open the door for shit-lapping white knighters to swoop chicks like Sir Lancelot, you’ve got the wrong idea. Modern women don’t instinctually reward chivalrous men with their sex, let alone a phony expression of asexual gratitude. The last chivalrous man on earth is still going home alone to pull his pud. But he’ll pull it ever so politely.

Women, if you lament the loss of chivalry, look in the mirror. You have only yourselves to blame.

PS: The fembot of the article linked to above had a suspiciously drama-filled breakup with her supposedly chivalrous boyfriend. Scientists are baffled.


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