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Be An Impatient Alpha Male

“blert” left this insightful comment about throwing off an alpha vibe:

Always maintain a reserve of impatience; to get away from ‘this crowd’ and get personal. Thusly, loud venues provide advantage.

The need to leave at will is just another reason to NOT dinner date.

This confirms my real-life experience. When I have gotten agitated at busy bars or events and made direct challenges to the girl in my company for us to “get out of here”, her eyes lit up with a mix of confusion and excitement. As an opportunity to showcase higher value, taking a girl out to a loud, crowded venue could serve as an excellent springboard to display leadership traits.

“I don’t want to be here right now, getting sweated on. I’m leaving.”

“Where are you going?!”, as she follows you out the door.

“Your place.”

The air of impatience with societal convention — and people in general — is an alpha characteristic. The alpha male does not suffer fools — or dancing, drinking douchebags — gladly. His impatience is borne of a cultivated sense of self-regard, as well as an anger directed at contrived social situations which thwart his zeal to fornicate RIGHT NOW.

Maxim #50: The prime directive of the alpha male is fornication. Anything which hinders the fulfillment of the prime directive is to be vanquished as a foe or excised from the mind as a cancer.


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