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There are computer programs that will superimpose a bunch of male or female faces to create an average composite of all the faces. Well, someone has done it for the native women of 41 countries from around the world. The image is too large to post here, so follow this link to judge the average national beauty of the women for yourself.

This facial averaging algorithm has been around for a few years now. What jumps out is how attractive the average female face looks. Not smoking hot, but certainly bangable. The average female face falls somewhere around the 7 to 9 range on the United Federation of Planets’ recognized 1 to 10 scale. That’s pretty impressive considering how many obese women and ugly cougars now inhabit the advanced nations. There’s no doubt that to get these results the programmer intentionally left out the grossly fat and the depressingly aged from his (he’s most likely a “he”) formula.

The reason an averaged female face is attractive is because the flaws are filtered out. Asymmetry, jutting chins, big noses, leathery skin and bastard children are weeded out of the averaged face. The final product is a conventionally attractive face that is easy on the eyes, if not quite dazzling. It is pretty well established at this point that beauty is objective, and that beautiful female faces all have the same traits in common — symmetry in the horizontal and vertical, large wide-set eyes, small noses, clear and smooth skin, full lips, dainty chins and jawlines, and a general youthful neoteny where the upper half of the head is disproportionately larger than the lower half.

Examining the results for the women from the 41 countries sampled in the image, some gaspingly impolite observations can be made.

– Adjusted for race, the averaged woman is noticeably light-skinned. Swarthiness is not an attractive trait in women, it would seem.

– The averaged Irish woman is relatively mannish looking with a prominent jaw and chin, and thin lips. This accords with personal observation. Irish girls are feast or famine; they are either breathtakingly beautiful or homely.

– The averaging program is very powerful. We can see this by the good things it does to English girls, the average of whom is pretty darn cute.

– But not that powerful. The program has limitations on the magic it can conjure. Samoa has the ugliest women in the world. Sorry, scowling ladyboys.

– Most slaves brought to America during the trade were from West Africa. It is thus interesting that the averaged African-American woman is so different looking than the averaged West African woman. The West African woman, although darker, is more feminine looking. The African-American woman looks like she could play second string defensive back for the Packers. First string if she’s married to the President of the United States.

– Of the three smart but uncreative Northeast Asian countries, the averaged Korean girl is probably the cutest, but it’s a horse race. Really, all three of the Asian chicks looksame. The Japanese girl is making an anime face.

– However, the Vietnamese girl, although it is not shown, has the best ass of the epicanthically folded races. Love your ass long time!

– The averaged Hungarian girl looks like a vampire. Fitting.

– What would the daughters of a master race of white men-asian women pairings look like? See: Uzbek.

– The composite Irish and Welsh woman is not as attractive as the composite English woman. Infer at your leisure.

– Aside from skin color, West and East Africans look very different.

– There are a lot of broad noses in the world. Like red hair, the noble, aquiline nose is a vanishing trait. Too bad.

– The nations of Europe are not a miasma of undifferentiated whiteness. The averaged women of each European nation have distinctive looks. And most likely distinctive composite personalities, temperaments and future time orientations. Just sayin’.

– The South African woman is kinda hot. And white. Which brings us to…

– Why is America, the most powerful country of the 20th century, missing from this comparison? If the programmer can suss out the white chicks in a country that is majority black, why couldn’t the same be done for the US? Up until 1965, when the soft genocide population replacement program pushed by the gated community elites geared up, America was nearly 90% white. I think that’s grounds for having representation from a composite American white chick. Major oversight. Or are American chicks just TOO DAMN FAT to acquire an N > 1?

– The Latvian girl looks like a throwback from a 1970s porno.

– South Indian girls may be smarter, but North Indian girls are cuter.

– Overall face shape doesn’t seem to be too important to beauty. There are cute representatives from both the long-faced and round-faced groups. See, as a comparison, the Swiss girl and the Iranian girl.

– Remember that scene in the underground city of Zion from the Matrix sequel? The banging drums, primitive dancing, and rainbow of multicult love? That’s the Puerto Rican girl. I wanted the machines to win after that scene.

– Of course, the Polish and Russian girls look the most serious. Of course. Get over yourselves, girls.

– The average Russian girl may as well be a hot tennis star. Or Putin’s mistress.

– Too bad for the Samoan girl that Australian Aboriginal girls were not included.

– The Mongolian girl is hiding a purple saguaro in her purse.

– The Finnish girl looks like she’d fuck the consciousness out of you.

– The composite Spaniard is full of herself. Did a composite tiara come included with that photo?

– Blonde and light brown hair are overrepresented in this graphical chart. Is this a selection effect, or does averaging lighten women’s hair?

– The French composite is the least “average” looking of all the women. She is quite stunning with her bold yet feminine features.

– The Peruvian girl has kind eyes. She’d cook you a meal on your second date.

– Swedish girls are overrated.

– Greek and Italian women could be sisters.


So… which country-AKA-ethnicity has the world’s most beautiful women?

We’ll have to narrow it down first.

The Eight Finalists

Uzbekistan, Italy, France, Finland, Russia, Greece, Spain, Israel

And the country with the world’s most beautiful women is…

drumroll please…


The country that birthed Monica Bellucci is the place you want to live if beauty — and fucking beauty — is your raison d’étre. Even Italy’s feminists are bangable, that’s how hot Italian women are.


Best composite DSLs: Greece.

Best composite smile: India.

Best composite nose: England.

Best composite eyebrows: Vietnam.

Best composite face begging for a jizzbomb: Mongolia. (Just think, you might be jizzing on a descendent of Genghis Khan. Thinking about it, aren’t you? You want to yell KHAAAAAN at the moment of ejaculation, don’t you? Imperialist pig!)

Sultriest composite face: France.

Best composite face you want to gaze at with an uneasy mix of awe, horniness and unsettling confusion: Uzbekistan.

Notch flag you are least likely to get, and don’t mind not getting: Samoa.

Best composite closet slut: Switzerland.

Most compositely likely to come at you with a meat cleaver: Hungary.

Best composite repressed sexuality: Iran.

Best composite jungle fever: Puerto Rico.

Best composite girl-next-door: South Africa AKA Holland.

Best composite public sex aficionado: Ireland.

Best composite underage sex simulator: Burma.

Best composite women to ransack if you are a white guy: Korea.

Best composite fling: Finland.

Best composite girlfriend: Israel.

Best composite wife: *does not compute*

Best composite just-got-fucked look: Tie between Wales and Latvia. You go, girls!

Best composite cock-or-GTFO face: Germany.

Best composite shit test face: Mexico.


Someone get in contact with the IT dude who put this chart together. We need composites from all 192 countries, plus intra-country ethnic minorities like aboriginals, eskimos, gypsies and native americans.


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