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Bottom line: Ovulating women in loving relationships are the most likely to show a lot of skin and flirt with other men.

Every time I have a brief moment of weakness when I think God is possible and there is love for everyone in the world, studies like this one jolt me back to reality. Yep, those precious, perfect, beautiful women crave strange cock when they’re most likely to get pregnant. And they crave it the hardest — and do what is necessary to get it — when they are secure in loving relationships with chumps such as yourself.

This is yet more evidence on top of existing evidence for the Chateau prescription to instill dread in your relationship or marriage. Women who get too comfortable with their partners, get cocky. They take their beta boyfriends or husbands for granted and start to heed the call of their uncaged ids deep in their hindbrains, where even the hamster dares not tread. An emboldening sense of invulnerability overwhelms them, and they follow an age-old evolutionary script leading them to sample genetic pee pee platters when there is low risk it will cost them with their current beaus.

The solution for men to reign victorious over this female Darwinian impulse is simple, and one this blog has been writing about for some time: Never…


let her feel entitled to your love.

By this I mean you need to keep your girlfriend (or wife!) on her toes, always in a state of suspended certainty. She has to be thinking, at least some of the time, “Does he really love me?” “Does he love me as much as I do him?” “Is he completely committed to me?” “Is he seeing other women?” “What’s he thinking?”

And my personal favorite:

Why does he leave after sex?”

And, trust me, she will love you more for making her feel this way, despite her inability to ever admit as much.

So, men, if you want to minimize the odds your lover is an infidelity risk, keep tabs on her cycle and monitor the level of comfort and security you are offering her in your LTR. If she is approaching her ovulatory phase, and you have been smothering her with affection and compliments…

back the fuck off.

Turn off your phone for a day. Decline a scheduled date with her. Call her from a noisy bar where girls can be overheard laughing in the background. If you live with her, show up very late from work a couple of nights in a week. Notice some trivial flaw about her looks. Grunt more than usual. Be laconic. Ignore her.

Naturally, the hotter she is, the more you will have to back off. Options = instability.

In this new year, let’s all make a resolution to improve the quality of our sex and love lives. Let’s make her work for it.

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