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Email #1 is telegrammed from “Assrange”:

What are alpha and beta fetishes?

I guess the most alpha fetish is rape or FFM gangang and the most beta fetish – being a woman’s toilet or cuckolding.

What is your say?

That rape should be a most despised intrusion under law and custom does not relegate it to the outer hells of our less desirable scoundrels. The average woman’s mind is teeming with the dirty detritus of rape fantasies, such fantasies the ultimate manifestation of their most female desire to submit wholly and unconditionally to a strong man with a will to match. Alpha men, for their part, are happy to oblige, but spare no fetish for the abomination. That is solely the reserve of the morally undeveloped sex and the diseased of mind.

In order of decreasing alpha coondoggery and increasing omega degeneracy, herewith a list of male sexual perversions:

FFFFFFFFFFFFM with hidden video recorder, doggy style, asses lined up in a row like ducks at a shooting gallery.
FFFFFFFFFFFFM with lights on.
Standard FFM.
Kinky FM wherein the lady is hogtied and ballgagged.
Public sexual congress.
FM while watching the vile pornography.
FM while she’s beholden to her womanly discharge.
Sitting in a corner and stroking balefully while watching FF scissor.
Sitting in a corner and stroking feverishly while watching F get nailed by M.
Sitting in a corner and stroking feverishly while watching F get nailed by BM.
Any of the bowel evacuation perversions, including but not limited to the Cleveland Steamer, the Pinched Julep, and the Choctaw Country Cornbread Cow Plop.
Animal intimacy.


Email #2 comes by way of a charming filly from the old country:

I’m a Hungarian-Romanian woman. I pretty much enjoy your blog because it has thaught me a lot about attraction and dating sociology. I want to evolve in every possible way and I believe you can help me answer some questions.

You’re saying that the alpha-monster should never get married, he has all the women he wants in a heart-beat. Who is his female counterpart? Is the alpha woman really allowed to change partners that often? Doesn’t it pull her in the slut category (which is to be avoided? – according to some other theorems of yours). And what is next up? Does a future of alpha-partnerships (or bangs) lead to the extinction of the human race (from what I see, having children is beta) ?

Two.  From my observations, one is able to have magnificent sex via perception altering. I know a case (alpha, slightly autistic guy + fat girl) where he strongly believed that the girl is hot (she was transmitting him great states of mind), they had 10-sex and eventually the girl became hot (physically), or better, BMI-altering sex. I believe post-alpha is the abillity to change anyone at will.

That’s all…for today.

For today? I have a mind to administer a lashing to your bare bottom for confronting my decency with your coyness, you gypsy temptress.

But I am in an inculcating mood. The “alpha monster”, or what we here in these parts call the rooster, has his psychological counterpart in the alpha hyena, the head of her cackling demon pack of predatory African savannah carnivores. But unlike that mangy beast, she is first and foremost an exquisite example of beauty, unparalleled in three counties’ range, and of such refined features that she drives even the most trailworn men to fits of romantic elegy.

She is certainly able to have as many male lovers as she can accommodate, mentally and physically, without rupturing an unseemly fissure in her nethers and risking the foul humours. But the alpha female does not have many partners, not nearly enough to qualify as a slut, because the very beauty that gives her the option to spread herself wide with the greatest number of suitors also enamors her with a honed prejudicial instinct, which she uses to great effect to make herself as unavailable as possible until a man of the highest quality courts her with the baubles and trinkets of a thousand kings.

It should be noted that the modern alpha female has chosen the whiskey and dance at the expense of brood, and the consequences for the people should be obvious. She spreads herself around a little more today than perhaps she did in yore, and our generations grow stupider and uglier under the misuse of the prophylactic by the lower classes.

Your point number two is absurd on its face, and requires no further discrediting but for that which I am generously inclined to offer in this forum. “Perception altering” is just another fancy university term of of art for saying a man with a bad hand has got to fold or bluff like he’s holding a pair of Aces. A man is as loathe to admit he’s fornicating with a hatchet-faced witch as he is to admit he can’t shoot a barn door at ten paces.

Now there is something to the idea that a blessed man in the way of women can exert a favorable influence upon his lovers, inasmuch as those women will feel the competitive fire from fairer ladies and perform judiciously to please him. But that is a risk I would not be willing to take with a fat woman, whose fat is only likely to grow as she succumbs to years of habit to reach for the bread and cheese in moments of self-doubt and despair.


Email #3 hails from “LW”:

I wanted to first thank you for dropping incredible amounts knowledge on this blog. I have learned quite a bit and think that I can outgrow my betadom soon. I wanted to run a scenario by you that you probably hear often, and see how you might approach it.

In High School, I was  pretty socially awkward. I wasn’t an outcast by any means, but I definitely wasn’t one of the popular kids.

Like most kids in my situation, I had a crush on a girl who I thought at the time was “out of my league”. She even tried to talk to me at one point in class, but I was way too awkward to maintain any form of conversation.

Now, I am in a much better stage in life; I have friends, a social life, and actually get laid on occasion. I am friends w/ this girl on Facebook, and I can tell that we are in a similar place on the dating market. She likes a lot of the same shit I do, is single, and is still very cute.

My question is, how do I initiate some sort of conversation with her without coming off as a total fucking stalker? Is this even possible? Or should I just wait for our next HS reunion?

Please let me know what you think. Any help would be appreciated.



Why don’t you have a swig of this devil water, young man. It’ll help steady your nerves as the weight of the wisdom I am about to indulge you with overworks your senses.

First, ignore your past mistakes. She doesn’t remember as much as you fear she does, and what she does remember will only serve to your advantage when the stark juxtaposition of your present state of mind clashes with her meager prejudice. Also, forget that she enjoys the same recreational pleasures as you; women do not respond in a desirous way to men with similar hobbies, whom they more often than not regard on the same level as charming pets. Shared interests only become important in a relationship of some strength and fortitude, which should never be the case until three months in the least have passed.

I would never tell you to wait for anything. Waiting is the mindset of — to use the modern parlance — the beta. The alpha goes for what he wants, when he wants it. Of course, he does so in a calculating fashion designed to maximize the benefit which will accrue to him.

You treat this girl like any hot girl whose virtue you want to immoderately violate. Scatter your profile with photos of you in poses of adventure, in foreign lands, peering at an unseen object offstage, and surrounded by nubile young ladies. Leave a comment to one of her pics, leavened with the insertion of a neg (contextually dependent, of course). Or start up a chat with her when she’s online, as you would any girl. Always be sure to end the chat first, so that she is stunned out of her self-absorption which is the wont of her mercurial gender.

Other than that, I can’t tell you much, because I am of the mind that Facebook is an emasculating nutgrinder which purpose suits the distaff sex completely and at the expense of the stripping away of your natural male advantage of imposing, virile body language and inscrutable ponderings.


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