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Fooling Golddiggers

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Men universally overestimate the importance of money to attracting women. This is probably so because the relatively chaotic, amorphous nature of psychological game is harder for men to comprehend than is a hard objective metric like money. It’s much simpler to say to a man: “First you make the money, then you get the power. Then when you get the power, you get the women.”

The problem with this plan of action is that, one, it’s highly inefficient, and, two, most women — and this includes hot women — aren’t aroused by a man with money nearly as much as men think they are. Women are attracted to an alpha attitude — AKA game — which can be correlated with money. But money is not a necessary condition for embodying the alpha attitude. There are easier ways to attract women for sexual congress and loving LTRs than slaving for years in a corporate gig saving every penny to afford a monster mortgage or risking prison in the drug trade.

Furthermore, there is this misperception out there that money automatically equates to power, which is something that girls do indeed find very arousing in a man. But we all know souped-up IT and finance nerds making well into the six figures who struggle with their dating lives. Power is more a state of mind, or a will to attitude, than a blessing that flows from big bucks. The shiftless badboy with the motorcycle and smirk has more power over women’s hearts than the well-paid CFO who sucks up to women by throwing free meals and unearned gifts at them.

Naturally, all else equal, having money will help your pickup more than not having money. But the “all else equal” is the key qualifier. If you are looking to get more bangs for your buck, so to speak, working longer harder hours to amass bank is not the way to do it. When you realize that most women worth fucking don’t care all that much about how much money you make, you understand that the road to gratification leads away from the path laid down by conventional wisdom.

As long as you make a decent living (i.e. don’t live in a cardboard box), have a car (unless you reside in the heart of a major urban center or lead a traveling lifestyle), have some stylish threads, and keep a clean, cared-for home, the money factor evaporates for all but the most die-hard golddiggers. Remember, a man’s ambition is one of the traits women love. Whatever financial reward he has earned from his ambitious undertakings is almost irrelevant, like icing on the cake.

Maxim #49: Waving a roll of benjamins at a woman will not give her tingles. In fact, it will often do the opposite.

But this post is about that small minority of femme fatales who are dedicated golddiggers. They exist, especially in feverishly status conscious enclaves, and it’s in your interest as a man to smoke them out early and take advantage of them before they have a chance to take advantage of you. Once you get good at fooling golddiggers, you can corral them into loving relationships with you that monopolize many of their prime years, leaving them splintery husks on the downslope hustling pasty-faced betas with nothing but credit card game, while memories of you haunt their dreams.

None of the below tips are an acceptable substitute for tight game, but they will add to your aura of mystery and captivate golddiggers on the make for a sugar daddy.

  • The ATM receipt ruse.

There are services that will print up authentic looking ATM receipts with large dollar amounts. Leave a crumpled one lying around your place. She will notice it. (All women notice the smallest details of the men they date. It’s encoded in their DNA.)

  • Ditch the car for a boat.

If you live in a place where it is acceptable to be car-less, you can substitute with a boat docked at the nearest marina. Sailboats earn doubleplusbonus points, and are often cheaper than new cars. Since cars are de rigueur among all classes, they don’t stand out anymore as markers of taste, unless you go luxury. But a cheap boat will open the golddigger’s cash register heart.

  • Fake Ivy League diplomas.

There are places where you can get these. Hang prominently on your wall. Ivy degrees and money are practically synonymous in the whore’s mind.

  • The expensive suit ruse.

If you are going to spend money, spend it on a couple of expensive suits. Clothing style is a relatively cheap way to signal wealth, and will often fool golddiggers into bed with you for at least a few months.

  • Housing amenities.

Can’t afford that 2,000 square foot apartment in SoHo? No worries. Get a smaller place, but make sure it has one or two stand-out amenities, like a Sub-Zero fridge or exquisite molding along the ceiling.

  • The cubic zirconia ruse.

Buy a pair of cubic zirconia earrings. Leave them somewhere in your bedroom where a golddigger will see them. When she asks, explain that you gave those diamonds to a former lover (“former lover” always sounds better than “ex”) who returned them to you when you broke up, because she couldn’t bear to wear them anymore. Women, despite their insistence, really cannot tell the difference between a real diamond and CZ, especially in your dimly lit, Quagmire-esque bedroom. This ruse is particularly effective because it pushes three buttons — the money button, the preselection button, and the “ambiguously available man” button.

  • The signed work of art ruse.

Buy a cheapo print, say of a Miro, and sign his name on the bottom in his signature style. Tell her you collect original works of art, and Miro is one of your favorites.

  • Always pay with hundreds.

This is kind of cheesy, but golddiggers are a cheesy lot, so they deserve it. Great for getting her to buy things for you. “Hey babe, I only have a hundred. Could you spring for me on that pack of gum?” As all Chateau guests should know by now, getting women to buy you things alters their perception of you to a higher value man, because they certainly wouldn’t buy things for a lower value man.

  • Keep a safe in your place.

Who knows what’s in that safe? Jewelry? Bonds? Cash? Guns? Back copies of Playboy? Her pussy squirms with the possibilities.

  • Learn how to decorate.

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to properly decorate your pad. Why should a decent decorating job impress golddiggers so much? Because most men have no idea how, nor any inclination, to feng shui the shit out of their homes. When you do, you set yourself apart from the bachelor masses.

  • The vacation home ruse.

Put a framed photograph of your “country estate” or “beach house” on the wall. She doesn’t have to know it’s just a random photo you took of someone else’s house.

  • The stock market player ruse.

Always keep a stock market display on your monitor. She’ll think you are a big money risk taker.

  • The overseas business trip ruse.

Every couple of months, tell your newfound golddigger lover that you will be away for two weeks on an “international business trip” which you can’t talk about in detail. This serves the dual purpose of stoking her curiosity and giving you a break to pursue other girls for fun and profit.

PS: I don’t do any of the above things, because I’ve had no need to (unless I’m doing it for my own amusement). I’ve had no trouble meeting attractive girls who weren’t blatant whores pimping for financial support. The few times I’ve dealt with genuine golddiggers, I had some fun with their expectations, and they — I’m sure to their surprise — loved having the tables turned on them.


“Silver Fox” comments:

Grifter bags 2500 Women

I can attest to this; I bagged 6 models in 2001, when i was an unemployed i-banker for 18 mos. Meanwhile as a multi 6 figure employed banker I avgeraged 1/yr.

Just said “I am a consultant”…followed with silence and direct eye contact/

Avg women cant tell if you work in mailroom or boardroom at Goldman Sachs.

Silver Fox is right on two counts. It’s often the grifters with game who score more pussy than the workaholic ballers. And women really can’t know exactly what you do in the office. Unless she shows up at the front door of your building demanding entrance, you can keep her in the dark about your “boardroom” job for years. Women are extremely gullible on these matters because they *want* to believe you are the king of the world you slyly hint that you are.

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