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Pulling Solid Number Closes

When it comes to number closing, the biggest obstacle is not getting the number; it’s getting the number in such a way that minimizes the odds she will flake. I read an interesting post on the blog written by one of Roosh’s day game students, Tyler, who has a novel method for bypassing weak number closes: Don’t push for them.

Girls that flake. Everyone has probably had this happen to them. Anyone who approaches girls and gets phone numbers finds that some girls don’t answer their phone or are “too busy” to ever do anything. This happens because they are flat out not that interested. This isn’t because you are not interesting, you just didn’t do enough to make them want it bad enough. Girls will rearrange their schedules for you if they want to see you bad enough. Once you get better at approaching girls, your next step is to eliminate flakiness. […]

I was putting too much emphasis on getting the phone number and not enough on the method. Numbers equal nothing if you can’t act on them. […]

Flat out, don’t even ask or insinuate you want their number. After this one particular night I implemented this experiment right away. So what happened?

The next weekend I met a group of girls. I liked the long haired, darker skinned girl from new york. She was the most attractive by far. I steal her friend’s chair. We exchanged stories and she is semi interesting. We find a few subjects that are common interests. At this point she has found a smart, unique, really good looking guy and she can’t believe she found him at a bar! But….I have to get going now….it was really nice talking to you….

That’s how I leave conversations. I leave a window there for them to give me their number, or inquire how we will talk again. I will leave nearly any girl hanging. An often response is…

“umm, do you want my number?” with almost a desperate look on their face. It is probably unbelievable to them that I just built this little relationship and I am willing to just leave without an attempt…

“well I don’t usually take girls’ numbers, I have been pretty busy lately….” Then I “decide” to let them have my number.

As they put my number in their phone, they text or call me right away. They do this so that I have their number and jokingly to see if I am lying. As I look down at my incoming call, I am standing right next to them. As I look up I quickly give them a kiss. They don’t see this coming and it catches them off guard. Then I leave and let it register in their minds what just happened. […]

Since I have done this, the flakiness percentage has drastically gone down. A girl won’t flake on me if she is asking for my number. […]

In the scenario where a girl isn’t asking how to get a hold of you, you can do things such as make tentative plans to prompt her even more. You don’t want to loose focus though. The idea is that she should be chasing you. Forcing numbers is a waste of time.

I have run similar number closing game on girls, and I can inform you this reverse psychology method is highly effective. It’s a wonder I don’t number close like this all the time, but sometimes you have to remind yourself of what works and what doesn’t, or you fall back on old familiar habits. When she isn’t immediately biting, Tyler’s advice to prompt a girl to initiate some kind of exchange of numbers is crucial. The best way to do this is to talk about some great event or activity you plan to do in the near future.

Here’s a real life example of my “reverse number close” game (post-attraction phase):

ME: There’s this amazing animal sex exhibit at the Corcoran this weekend that I’m going to.

HER: Animal sex!?! OMG that sounds ridiculous!

ME: Well, it’s not for everyone. You have to be open-minded to fully appreciate the beauty of it.

HER: Are you saying I’m not open-minded?

ME: Well, you are from the midwest. Nah, you’re pretty cool. It’s been fun talking with you. [I’m making a rocking motion with my body suggesting that I’m leaving.]

HER: You too. [She’s looking at me expectantly.]

ME: Oh, right. I should tell you… and don’t take this personally, because it’s not about you… I don’t accept girls’ numbers.

HER: Really? That’s weird. Why?

ME: It’s my personal philosophy. I want a girl to show she is different from all the other girls. If she calls my number, she has stood out from the rest. Plus, a lot of times I forget to call the girl’s number.

HER: Well, yeah, that’s different.

ME: I’ll tell you what. I’m feeling generous. Let’s exchange numbers.

[Segue to unlubed anal sex phase.]

A couple points. My number close above incorporates some very powerful mindfucking elements of game. Sexual Vibe and Future Pacing (“amazing animal sex exhibit…”). Qualification (“you have to be open-minded…”). Takeaway (“It’s been fun…”). Challenge (“I want a girl to show she is different…”). Preselection and Alpha Male Options (“I forget to call the girl’s number”). These are potent psychological techniques that stab right at the heart of a woman’s soft brainmush, and should be used sparingly. Overuse will ping her skepticism defense mechanism and trigger fresh rounds of shit tests.


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