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Email #1

Enjoy the blog- you are a philanthropist indeed.

Anyway, a great post would be this- (I am in the midst of a tough decision):

Give up a (low status, enjoyable, kicked back) job, for (top 5 ranked lawschool) after three years of big city penury as a student again.

For various reasons, the road forks exactly at this point in my life. Any general thoughts you have on the role of career/$ vs. everything else in improving game would be welcome.

Good looking, game potential.

And no, I’m not above paying for it (I’m a quality not quantity guy)

Which path through the yellow woods holds the greater bliss?


The answer to your quandary isn’t as obvious as most people would presume. The typical mediocrity would, of course, tell you to go to law school and slave away, sacrificing the last ounce of your soul for the “prize” of landing a quality woman who will be the perfect wife and mother of your future children. But I look around and see CEOs and captains of industry with frumpy, fat wives, and contrast them with the mangy, dirt poor DJs I see at the local indie hangout boffing cute young chicks. You observe enough of this and you begin to wonder if the conventional wisdom has it wrong.

All else equal, a guy with a high status job and big bucks will clean up better with women than a guy who doesn’t have those things. Rarely is all else equal, though. The biglaw douche will, in time, begin to coast on his career status as substitute for game, eventually attracting the sort of scheming women for whom status and money matters more than anything else. Since I am a man who truly loves the company of women and loves being loved by women, I have no interest in a coldly calculated barter arrangement where I trade my resources for her love. I’ve seen the matrix and know that undefiled love is possible, despite the cultural inertia and constant drumbeat of societal directives to the contrary.

If you want to play the averages, then go to your top 5 law school and game a bunch of cunty lawyer chicks into bed, followed by the unceremonious dumping they so karmically deserve. You will be doing the Lord’s work. But know that you’ll always be looking over your shoulder — at the date trying to tease out your salary, the wife whose pussy dries up when your black AMEX does, the ex-wife whose love for you runs as deep as the best divorce lawyer she could hire — and sinking deeper and deeper into moribund cynicism. At least when you pay for a professional whore, you know she’ll have the integrity to deliver the goods. Bottom line: you will need the best Game at your disposal to avoid this fate.

Email #2

I recently found your blog and think it’s terrific. Your points are right on target, especially concerning the state of women in US coastal cities. The sense of entitlement some of these women have is mind boggling.
I know you’re not a fan of marriage, but what other choice do men have a we get older? The ‘sweet spot’ of women aged 22-27 will become less attainable as we age and therefore the single life will become much less appealing. It will be a sad state of affairs when my only market is women aged 30+ who hold enormous psychological baggage.

And what about loneliness? As friends become married and have kids, the social circle of a single guy becomes smaller. I feel like marriage becomes the only choice, by default. As Chris Rock stated ‘Married and bored, or single and lonely’..

I appreciate your thoughts and advice. Thanks.


Hookers and liquor. That’s how I plan to live out my old age.

If marriage wasn’t such a brutal ass maiming for men; if it wasn’t an institution as currently constituted so intrinsically opposed to men’s interests; if it wasn’t so damnably evil and buried up to the neck in a shitpile of its own making, I’d say go ahead and get married, no worries mate. Just grab yourself a little mistress loving on the sly. No truly good and honorable wife would deny her husband that pleasure. A good wife understands and accepts the reality of the male sex drive.

But we don’t live in that world, so you’d be a fool to get married. You can have all the benefits of marriage in a loving, long term relationship, without any of the negatives.

If, like me, you want to experience the incomparable pleasures of young women’s flesh for as long as possible, you won’t reach that goal through marriage. In fact, getting hitched will only hinder the fullest expression of your manhood, unless you routinely run wedding ring game. Tight game and staying in shape will expand the age disparity within which you can successfully seduce.

Email #3

A bit of fodder for your ongoing hilarious experiment in creative writing:

What’s up with Ashton Kutcher marrying a has been like Demi Moore? On one hand, you have a guy who is tailor made to be an “alpha” who should by rights line up all the hot “poon” he could possibly handle for the next 30 years, at least.

Instead, he marries a once hot-but-now-not has been actress 15 years his senior?  Sure, there’s more to life than screwing an endless line of hot movie starlets (I guess).  Why, however, wouldn’t a guy with his kind of options settle (if he must) for someone younger, hotter, richer, more successful instead of washed-up, w/o kids, etc. etc.?

I just find it odd, and a bit confusing.  Simple Oedipus complex issues or mayhap the alpha vs. beta duality of men isn’t quite as simple and clear cut in all cases?


For every Ashtun Kutcher there are a hundred Donald Trumps trading in their has-beens for the latest and greatest still-got-its. Don’t get hung up on the glaring exceptions. They exist to give desperate cat ladies a sliver of hope.

Also, we don’t know if boy toy Kutcher is banging sweet young things on the side that Demi conveniently ignores. You’d be surprised the kind of indignities a soon-to-be wall victim cougar like Demi will endure to keep up the delusion that she’s still primo pussy estate to the vast majority of men who matter.

Email #4

You’re a prolific and committed blogger– almost every post shows real insignt and obvious writing skillz.  Why do you put so much energy into this?  don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy reading what you have to say and would be more than a little sad if you stopped writing but I can’t help but wonder what’s in it for you?


Personal amusement. Oh, and I don’t put much time and energy into this. On average, each post takes me a half hour to an hour to write. I type fast. Since I don’t watch more than an hour of TV per week, I have plenty of free time to indulge my sadistic delights.

Email #5

You seem to have really great insight into the male mind (and that of women, as well). I love reading your blog.
I wanted to ask you a question and it’d be great if you could give a bit of advice, no matter how brief as I’m sure you’re busy.
I’m 22 and I’m pretty sure (as bad as this may sound, at least I’m being honest) I’m attracted to intelligent, older men with means.
I am interested in getting married and (sorry to say, it’s true) being taken care of to some degree. I have no fear of committing this young.
I’m finishing my degree soon at a top Ivy League, and would like to pursue a career. I have no shortage of abilities to be successful on my own. But the idea of being a homemaker and mother is equally appealing, albeit an educated homemaker, to a strong, older, and successful man.
What should I do to accomplish this?
I took your dating value test and scored “nascent alpha female.” I get regular attention and looks, I speak French as well as English, and I have modeled, as well. I have been told by many, male and female, that I’m very attractive and well-dressed / put together. I know my being a black female is a drawback. I’m not picky about the man, and I don’t go for looks as much as I do for intellect and ambition… although I am more attracted to white / European men in general.
I’m 5’7”, slim, and I dress well. I have long, straight hair, have been told I have a “perfect” nose and most men compliment me on my legs, lips, and smile.
I’m not afraid of commitment at this age and I am not really interested in men in my age range who seem to only offer sex and / or companionship.
I would like to marry an older guy with means, yes an alpha male in that sense, and I don’t have qualms about his infidelity.
Ultimately I would just like love and stability, as the wife of an accomplished man.
What is your advice?

a regular reader

Were you raised in Eastern Europe by any chance? Foreign girls, particularly East European girls, love the allure of older, sophisticated men. It’ll be my destination before the grim reaper of sexual obsolescence calls my number.

If you are the nascent alpha woman you claim you are, i.e. 8 or higher, then you will have no problem accomplishing your goal. The fact that you’re black pales in relevance to the beauty you bring to the table, so don’t worry that your race will get in the way of you finding and attracting a successful white/European man. Men look first at beauty, then at everything else, and race is down there around “obvious personality defect” in terms of importance. Now there will be some men, especially those for whom family and social status matter immensely, who will balk at marrying a woman of a different race (though they will have no such issues when contemplating you for bang worthiness). Since your window of highest sexual market value is short, it behooves you to filter those types of men so that you don’t waste time on pump and dumpers. Focus on entrepreneurs, business owners, and other similarly situated men. They will be more independent-minded than the suck-up corporate lackeys who infest the law firms and boardrooms. Screen for men whose parents are dead, or who don’t have much extended family. They are less beholden to anyone else’s judgment of their choice in women. You might want to date Scandinavian men, as I’ve heard they are especially enamored of the chocolate love.

One more thing: keep your legs closed for at least three dates. Easy pussy access devalues a woman’s marriageability. Let the man know you are into him through your flirty coyness. Only lower quality women with limited options have to turn to the hard sell to capture a man’s attention. No man, not even the feminist beta males who go by the designation “man”, wants to marry a slut.


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