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Undecided voters are stupid.

These “deliberative” voters will choose our next President. Sweet.

Voting is a useless exercise. Your one vote will not change the result of a national election. Get over yourself.

If you wear an “I voted” sticker tomorrow, you are a status whore. And you can be bought cheap.

I support limiting the right to vote to net taxpayers and taking it away from net tax-recipients.

Obama’s grandmother died today. The bus Obama threw her under when he implied she was as hateful as the good Reverend Goddamn America will now be driving her to the special hell reserved for a politically convenient closet racist betrayed by the biracial child she spent her life raising. That’s the funny thing about kids — they’re ingrates!

Marxism still doesn’t work.

The Great Society failed. The Great Society 2 will also fail.

Some people will always be losers in life. Learn to be at peace with this reality.

If McCain loses, Palin did not cost him the election. The tanking stock market did.

Re: the stock market meltdown. There is a difference between deregulation and bad regulation. The current financial problems are a result of the latter.

The most insightful book on Obama you will never hear about.

Nearly every mainstream media organ fully and utterly discredited itself in this election by moving from simple bias to becoming a functional propaganda arm of the Democrat candidate. This was not an easy thing to do. The days of an objective press are over. Long live the blogs! For now…

An Obama Presidency will be more entertaining than a McCain Presidency. “May you live in interesting times…”

If Obama wins, Europe will love us again. This matters to people for whom Europe’s love is important. We call these people betas.

I would rather have a glass of pinot noir with Obama than with McCain.

2010 will be a repeat of 1994.

We are in the midst of the End Days of America. There will be no Savior. There will be no President who can change our course. The killing blow was unleashed decades ago and the fist is only now beginning to strike.

I am not voting. Why does that bother you so much?


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