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The last comment winner was back in July because you guys stunk up the place in August and I couldn’t choose a winner for that month that met my standard for excellence. But you pulled through in September.

So here it is, the September 2008 Comment Winner. Dinamo Kiev gives his insight into Russian women and the Slavic sexual market in the comments to this post, funnily enough, the February 2008 Comment Winner:

First off, it’s nuts to think that an EE woman would naturally prefer an American man.  Since when did women become big risk takers?  The World’s greatest explorers, first big waves of migrants, etc. were all men.  Adventure is in a man’s blood, but women are conservative.  All things being equal, they’d rather find someone with high status in their own society, rather than move to some other country.  You want a Russian girl?  Move here and bring all your money.  EE was bad enough 10 years ago that any American man could have come here and been a god and then taken a girl home.  No so anymore.

Most of the dudes I saw in America with Russian wives had no idea that their girlfriend/wife was fucking some Russian guy behing their back.

Game is for American men in America.  You don’t need game in Eastern Europe.  You don’t score points for witty banter here.  You gain points for being tough, macho, solid, and rich.  And not fake tough, like in America.  You’d better be ready to knock out immediately anyone that gets in your way, as a minimum.    How do you think the Russian oligarchs got rich?  By being nice guys?  They are all bandits and murderers.  And guess what?  Their girlfriends and wives don’t care that they are criminals.  Sad, but true.  Criminality doesn’t carry the sense of shame that it does in America — it doesn’t make a man here untouchable.  They were tough in an alpha sense, ruthless to everyone, and made the big bucks.  Everyone here is an Alpha — i.e. there are no Betas in the sense that someone is too shy to approach a girl.  The difference between Alpha and Beta here is: how much are you willing to push around other men and stomp them into the ground to get your way?

Your hot Russian girl will be grabbed and approached by no less than 15 men a day here, and half of the men will probably physically grab her and not accept no as an answer.  There’s no room for subtlety here.  There is no need for “approach” or “opening” here.  See a girl you like?  “Come sit with us girl.”  “Come ride in our Mercedes with us, girl.”  That’s it.

American men who come here get gamed so badly by the women, it’s amazing.  These idiots pay for dinners, Louis Vuitton bags, new clothes… and more than half of them aren’t even getting laid!   

You want a beautiful Russian girl?  Find one that is 27+ and bring her to America.  At that age, over here, she’ll be scared to death that her sponsor and/or husband, if he’s rich enough, will be looking to replace her with a younger and more beautiful model, preferably around age 19.  She’ll realize she can find some American sucker that will love her for the next 20 years, even after her beauty fades.    She can continually Diva him and turn him into her slave.    You can’t do that to a Russian man.  He’ll just turn around and say, “Next!”

All Russian girls know instinctively that they can not compete beauty wise with the new generation of girls that comes up every few years.    How do you think charming and beautiful young Russian girls turn into such bitter hag babushkas?  Because when your time is up here, your time is up, so might as well get bitter about it.

Women here are beautiful because it’s a Darwinistic society.  They know men go for looks, so they all compete on looks.  If you’re over 50 kg and a young woman, you must lock yourself in your bedroom and not leave until you’ve lost the weight.    American women are quite ugly, but I think it’s mainly because they are fat and dress poorly.    Subject them to the same kind of pressures they’d face here and I’m sure they’d gain 2.5 points of beauty within a few years.

As a side note, I’ve witnessed no less that 6 American women having nervous breakdowns here, usually at cafes talking to some male coworker, saying things like “I can’t take it here anymore!  The girls are such sluts!”   

What she really wants to say is: “I can’t take it anymore.  I can’t compete on any level with these women.  I was so popular with men in America even as a warpig, but here, not only do all Russian guys ignore me, but all the American men can’t be bothered either.”

I hear there is a term in Iraq for American women working in the green zone.  “GFB — Good for Baghdad.”  And that these women have the same kinds of nervous breakdowns upon return to America, when even the guys they were dating in Baghdad, that were so attentive to them there, no longer pick up the phone or respond anymore.

Of course America is a more civil place and a much better society, thanks to all the beta people, of course.  If you’re past 30, it’s much better to live there than here.  But if you want to see human nature at its basest, stripped of all subtleties:  to see what people really want — there’s no place better than here.

Don’t flame me girls, I’m just reporting it as I see it.

Well said, Padawan Kiev. I like his advice to fat girls to stay locked in their bedrooms starving themselves until they’re fit to be shown in public. Call it environmental activism; you don’t want your vista ruined by unsightly mounds of garbage.

As for his claim that all Russian men are alpha, I don’t buy it. But I relish a challenge, especially one involving beautiful women. My Russian trip will be like a safari to an exotic land where no one’s heard of PC or feminism or Gossip Girl, and where the women have a decent grasp of reality.

The Runner-up September 2008 Comment Winner award goes to Kick a Bitch, for his trenchant observations on the social interplay between man, woman, and flip-flop:

i like it though… i’ll have to use it sometime soon. i’ll even be so bold as to use it despite the fact that i’m also wearing flip-flops. i can already smell the musk that will accumulate from the juices of my prey’s vaginal canal as i spit forth the hypocrisy.

Sara just came.

Finally, a very strong Honorable Mention goes to Cynizen for her(?) comment on the post Top Two Rules For Dating Younger Women:

Men like you do not have any intention of a monogamous relationship and take advantage of the stupid, reckless girls with low self-esteem and bad taste. Yeah, that’ll add plenty to the gene pool should you slip up or your old balls produce enough over-eager swimmers. Men like you use pseudoscience to promote your agenda, yet ignore the advantages children have if their fathers are not assholes or aged. 

While age differences do not inherently bother me, people who make age a fetish and those who exploit others are disgusting and are obviously overcompensating for their small dicks or latent homosexuality.

I regret finding yet another shitty blog that makes me despise people.

Stupid girls with low self-esteem falling for game? Check. Small dick compensation? Check. Latent homosexuality? Check. It’s oddly comforting to see my incredulous foes sticking to the script.


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