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Flip-Flop Game

I was at a bar with Bang author and noted flip-flop hater Roosh when he spotted a girl wearing the lamest flip-flops ever; the kind you might see in the discount bin at Wal-Mart. He pointed at her flip-flops and made a disgusted face and said something like “Oh, come on!”. She looked offended and said “What?!”

Off to the races!

For the next half hour we barraged bantered back and forth with her about her flip flop faux pas.

“Why would you put all that effort into doing your hair and makeup and dressing nice only to ruin it with flip-flops.”
“In our parents’ generation, women would wear high heels TO THE BEACH. Women have changed for the worse.”
“Flip-flops say ‘I’m not even trying’. No guy takes a girl seriously who can shove her feet into footwear with her eyes closed and the lights off.”

On and on it went. You’d think she would come to hate us, but it was clear by the shine in her eyes that her loins were burning hotter. In order to not make it too personal, Roosh reminded her she wasn’t the sole object of our derision.

“Not to single you out or anything, because I notice this with a lot of women in DC…”

She started qualifying herself.

“I have flip-flops at home with a strap around the heel! Are those OK?”

Then she was put on the defensive as we pointed out acceptable footwear on other girls.

“See, look at her. Now those are nice shoes and shows she cares about the feelings of men.”

This was really a tour de force. I enjoyed the spectacle. At the end she was practically begging to be picked up. I concluded that flip-flop game would work as a solid opener and attraction builder as it hit on many major themes — reversing the chooser frame, qualifying the girl, situational awareness, screening, cocky funny, and most importantly… NOT DOING WHAT EVERY OTHER BORING BETA DOES.

It doesn’t need to be only flip-flops. Choose any fashion statement that bugs you. Personally, I disapprove of hoop earrings. If you go in strong and assured in your opinion, you can rattle any girl into defending herself and seeking — no, yearning for — your approval. The trick is to avoid insulting her gratuitously; you want to frame it like you were in the middle of pondering the general state of the culture.

Why does this antagonistic game press women’s attraction buttons so powerfully? One reason: It’s different. Being the alpha male means standing out from the hordes of nobodies. Another reason: It subcommunicates that you are successful with women. And a man who is successful with women will give her sons who are also successful with women, increasing the odds that her genes will be passed on in greater number. She feels on a deep reptilian level “Wow, if he can be so brazen with me he must get all the pussy he needs. He has no fear risking my displeasure. I’m attracted!”.

Finally, any opener that you enjoy delivering, and any conversation that is fun to you, will necessarily work better. It almost doesn’t matter if you’re borderline insulting to the girl; if she sees you are completely comfortable, smiling, and passionate about your topic of choice, she’ll get caught up in the moment, relishing the fun vibe you are bringing to her night, even if it means she goes home and immediately throws out her entire flip-flop collection.


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