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February 2008 Comment Winner

From “albatros”, in response to my post on dating foreign girls:

just to tell you that russian women are cold and i have a lot of them,but ukrainian are crazy in bed.if you please really well them they will follow you like tha cat follows a good susage.russian girls pretend to be classy but they also love susage ,dont expect them to have everyday sex with you but when they have it the explose,Now with these ukrainian and russian u have to be careful couse if u gicve her only dick she will find somebody on the side just for money.I live allover to europe and i would say eastern european wonem just want to get the hell out of the sountry.In ukraine and russia the proportion of men and women is very low u have 10 women ro a man.After 1 and 2 world war also with all those stalin and nazi killings there were more than 40 milion men killed and also in russia and ukraina and alloverexsoviet union there are more girls borned everyday then men.Soi russian and ukrainian and all eastern european girls dont feel special there too much competition between women just for a man.So they wanna come to America when they can be queens when most of women here are fat and no classy( american women) a girl from eastern europe an average one in eastern europe would be the queen here.Also men are really macho there and drink so dont get tricked and twisted my friends couse a lot of people brought them here and next thing u know she is gonne with the richie.

I agree with albatros. Ukrainian woman are indeed crazy in bed and if you service them properly will follow you like a cat follows a good sausage. The rest of his observations are very accurate.


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