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July 2008 Comment Winner

We have a winner, and thanks to the finish line effort by commenter Glengarry Glenpoon (great nick btw) Gannon has been denied the coveted Commenter Trifecta. In response to my post “Would You Date Her“, Glenpoon wrote this:

[quote from original post]: I’d leave a very subtle hint, like a fake arm on her pillow before she goes to bed.

Make it a prosthetic gun, or maybe a terminator arm. She could be the coolest gf ever. The coolest.

Quentin Tarantino agrees.

Runner-up July 2008 Comment Winner award goes to Virgle Kent, for his excellent judging of the first entry in the Summer 2008 Ass Challenge:

In my expert opinion let me say GOD DAMN!!! As we like to say in the hood, “ol’ girl is working with a donkey”. She has the kind of phatty you could set your drink on while she’s standing up and tell her you’ll be right back.

Honorable Mention goes to Gannon, whose comment to my post “When The Body And Face Don’t Match” shows he has an understanding of the important things in life:

Gannon doesn’t care if a vagina is shaved or not, as long as it belongs to a (legal) teen girl.
Issues that Gannon cares about:
Is the vagina still virgin?
How does the vagina smell?
Is the vagina still tight after childbirth?

As usual, Gannon gets right to the clinical heart of the matter in his trademark deadpan style.

Congratulations, gentlemen. A plaster cast of one of my ex-girlfriend’s labia is on the way. Comes with pre-drilled hole.


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