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Kosher Nostra

I wrote,

Controlled opposition is BY FAR more dangerous to a revolutionary movement than any enemy could hope to be.

Enemies rage and threaten, and in so doing gird us for battle.

Controlled oppo (see: lil’ benny shapiro) gently and subversively release the pressure valve on our righteous rage, persuading the more weak-willed among us that kumbaya is still in the cards.

The Boomercuck is already disposed to fall in love with race-blind creedalism of the sort mouthed banally by shapiro, et al. The great mass of cucked normies WANTS TO BELIEVE in those quaint [specially]-weaponized nostrums, so just when you’ve dragged the cuck close to the edge of wokeness, the Kosher Nostra pulls him right back into his comfy cuddle zone.

There are other ways the Kosher Nostra operate besides feeding disinformation platitudes to a weak-willed audience. They declare certain topics forbidden and assassinate the character of those who would broach those topics. They use their social and economic privilege to pressure information and financial gatekeepers to silence and pauperize dissidents to their anti-White orthodoxy. They leverage their judicial over-representation to institute an anarcho-tyranny which severely punishes minor infractions committed by White Christians while protecting those who commit major crimes in service to their anti-White agenda.

Dionysus comments,

Kosher Nostra is great term. What the west has gone through over the last 70 odd years is nothing less than history’s largest protection racket writ large. Payments are made in submission to foreign ideologies and threats are made through either the courts or the possible public airing of accusations loaded with terms the normies have been indoctrinated to react to like pavlov’s dogs.

(Notice none of the force used is direct)

The Kosher Nostra is very similar to the Cosa Nostra in how it deals with its enemies and wagon circles when attacked. The only difference between the clannish, criminal groups is level of sophistication; it’s a difference of degree rather than of kind.


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