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Reader CalvinDecline noted that our power tripping patel, Vagina Godawful, was on the Joe Rogan show, along with Jack Dorsey, mini Lucifer.

She was on Joe Rogan recently with Jack Dorsey (twitter founder)… Tim Pool was ripping them a new one.

In one instance, Tim asked her a gotcha question, and with nothing to say… she actually on camera said “we’ll take your feedback into consideration”.

“We’ll take your feedback into consideration.”

Hm. Reminds me of something…

(start at 2:30 if the timestamp doesn’t work for you)

“Well, it seems your terms, White man, are not acceptable.”

Baal, the Lord of Destruction, has a lot in common with Babu, the Interloper of Deconstruction.

Both are Prime Evils intent on overrunning a foreign land, stealing all its wealth, scoffing at its heritage, displacing its natives, and replacing its value system with their own.

Final Boss:


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