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There are more than 50 Islamic countries with literacy rate below 40%. Still, Malala chose Japan to spread her education propaganda where literacy rate is above 99%

Japanese men literally work themselves to death at their desks but no the problem with Japanese corporate culture is clearly not enough women…

Japanese native fertility is below replacement. The last thing Japanese need is more liberated women and increased “female representation” in the workforce.

Ultimately, the problem is that civilized people gave their lessers power. We need to go back to that arrangement in which our lessers knew their place, before they go on to fuck everything up.

Trevor Goodchild aptly analogizes,

Thought experiment: perhaps lesser humanoids respond to this undeserved power over their betters exactly the way women do when a man refuses to have hand in a relationship and lets them run the show.

Spitefulness, total ingratitude and constant shit-testing due to unconsciously knowing they’re unworthy, and not really wanting the burden in the first place.

This is a fair description of what’s happening all over the Cucked West: spiteful ingrate lessers running roughshod over the glory that their betters built without their help.

One microsubmission is an act of magnanimity. A million microsubmissions is surrender.

The West is a dysfunctional relationship of reversed sexual polarity. America a sniveling, supplicating beta male who doesn’t understand why his woman hates him, and through his appeasement only enrages her more.


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