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Chicks Dig Dominant Men

“nothing gets a woman wetter than presenting her with the severed head of my enemy”

Another reminder that chicks dig dominant men, and the feminist/SJW assertion that masculinity is toxic to women’s feelings is a bald-cunt’d lie.

Last night I heard my husband tell off one of his employees through the phone and it turned me on so bad that I’m ashamed of myself. from sex


It’s funny watching a woman come face to face with her id. It’s the rare bird who is sufficiently self-aware to grasp the reality of what turns her on — a dominating alpha male — without calling in rationalization hamster reinforcements.

This id-awareness in women always opens to something “dark within”, because, factually, female sexuality is far darker than male sexuality. The worst a man can do sexually — rape a woman — pales in the scope of its evil to the worst that a woman can do sexually — cuckold a gullible loving man into unwittingly raising a child not his own for the duration of his life.

Women can’t help themselves. They, just like men, are slaves to their reproductively-differentiated lustful desire. The uncontrollable female arousal for dominating men is equivalent to the uncontrollable male desire for young, beautiful women.

The fact that women so often compare their sexual self-knowledge to immorality should tell us that women grasp, on a deeply submerged subconscious level, that their female sexuality is a wild ferocious beast that might be better for everyone if tamed by social constraints on its expression.

Contrast to the self-aware man: rarely does he knee-jerk conflate his desire with immorality or “darkness within”. Most men are pretty darned comfortable with the nature of their sexuality. That’s because we men don’t get turned on by women berating their lessers or throwing the heads of their enemies at our feet.

When women rage against their vagene, the vagene always wins. The sexual market rules over all markets, including that quaint higher order market colloquially known as “the moral sense”. A woman may be ashamed to tingle in the company of a stone cold asshole, but that won’t stop her from spreading for him, or fantasizing about it. A thousand cuntfessionals can’t impede the Darwinian Imperative.

PS Love wins!


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