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Left-Wing Conspiracy Theories

A fine observation from J.R.,

the reason the Media wants to ban “Conspiracy Theories” about “False Flags” and “Crisis Actors” is not because they’re not true – but because they’re so effective

when a Shooting occurs they want to immediately jump into why we need to Ban Guns

but if ppl just say, nah, that’s bullshit, it was all fake, probably Crisis Actors – they don’t know what to do

the Media has no problem with Conspiracy Theories that help it advance their Anti-White Totalitarian Agenda

just look at Russian Collusion, White Privilege, Campus Rape Culture, and the Wage Gap

none of these are real, these are all Conspiracy Theories

but they’re Conspiracy Theories that helps the J-Left
so they get repeated, not erased from the Internet

Leftoids love their own conspiracy theories, and they have a lot of them, because there is a lot of reality that the Left has to undermine.

There aren’t equivalent right-wing CTs that are propped up and amplified to “everyone just knows its true” credibility by an accomplice media. That’s why you can’t trust the media when it “debunks” right-wing CTs, because the media don’t occupy an active role as propagandists of right-wing CTs like they do with left-wing CTs. Furthermore, right-wing CTs often contradict left-wing CTs, so the media have an incentive to immediately rule right-wing CTs as “out of bounds” even when their bland lazy assertion is all the proof the media has to rule that way.

Take a look at the Kiwi revenge spree (if you believe the manifesto’s talking points are real and not over-the-top globohomo agitprop). CTs are flying in dissident investigative outfits, based on some very suspicious circumstantial evidence, doubting the official narrative of the killer’s true motives.

So judge it this way. If the shooter WASN’T a WN, that is if he was some false flag operative or assassin for a Salafist sect or a Mossad agent or whatever, would the media tell us this?

Probably not.

So the media is not a good guide on what is or isn’t a CT.

As always, the lesson is: Mass media is the enemy of White people.

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— Second City Bureaucrat (@CityBureaucrat) March 17, 2019


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