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PA has earned another COTW (he better build a new shelf to hold these).

Responding to this….

JUST IN: Christchurch, New Zealand terrorist writes in manifesto that he is not a conservative, that he is not a Christian, and that he identifies as an eco-facist. He also adds that he disagrees with Trump on politics.

— BNL NEWS (@BreakingNLive) March 15, 2019

…PA adds,

Ideology is yesterday

Identity is tomorrow

Identity is coming, first culturally, then genetically.

Forced Diversity will push Whites away from universalism; a salient identity will slowly coalesce under pressure from encroaching diversity.

In time, fertility rate differentials between universalist Whites and Identity Whites will assure the dominance of the latter, but by then it’s likely America won’t exist any longer as it’s current incarnation.

May as well give PA the runner-up COTW as well. On the radical notion of making the economy work for the people instead of the other way around,

“The economy” in a neoliberal world order is, metaphorically, released-energy that’s harvested by billionaires. White nations are the fuel, and it’s running low.

This idolatry of “the economy” began during the 1992 presidential campaign with Carville’s quip.

Yang’s “The economy must serve the people.” — this is subversive of the ruling order. With the quibble being: Who is ‘the people?’ Is it about rejiggering the share of loot between the ruling class and nonwhites, or is it about unshackling Whites from their tax slavery.

PA on the YangGang?

The critical point isn’t whether or not a socialist backlash against runaway globalist capitalism is coming (it is), but what kind of socialist backlash we’re getting. Is it the healthy, self-sustaining socialism of Whites looking out for their kind and returning to a type of social organization that suits their temperament and needs? Or will it be Ocasio-Cortez Woke Socialism that takes from middle and working class Whites and gives to nonWhites?


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