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The marriage of victim culture with attention whore culture has been a disaster for the western race.

(Z-man: “Much as the deracinated society is great for serial killers, social media is great for attention whores and grifters.”)


Trump hugs the flag because he thinks we live in the America of his youth.
His love for that America is strong.
But America changed more than even Trump knows.
America is beyond his recognition now.
His flag hugs seem now like tragic anachronisms, or wistful role play.
Like a desperate, loveless couple reenacting a passionate first date.
With sad eyes.


If Trump is serious about 2020, he’ll rehire Steve Bannon. Or at least consult him through private channels.

It’s what he should do.

But he won’t.

Z-man writes,

I’ve said for a while that Trump is going to run a “morning in America” re-election campaign. He thinks he is Reagan 2.0. His data guy has him convinced he can gain more votes by striking this happy warrior stance than he will lose by getting soft on immigration.

It’s clear as day Trump is pivoting toward Reagan 2.0. But I have a hard time believing his data guy (Parscale?) is seeing numbers that indicate it’s a winning strategy. My read of the zeitgeist is that Reaganism is DOA as a 2020 campaign strategy. Trump wouldn’t have won on Reaganism in 2016, he won’t win on it in 2020.

Unless I missed it, there hasn’t been a favorability poll of Trump in a while. I’m curious which direction he’s heading now that he’s staked out a position as Reagan 2.0.


I’ve said that if the Dems go full retard and stay there, Trump could squeak by in 2020 on his current record.

On second thought, maybe not. We on the shiv-right have a tendency to get cocky about the supposed inevitability of Dem self-implosion, letting our enemies do our work for us. There’s a good chance now, more than before, that Americans elect a quasi-socialist in 2020 to address an out of control, avaricious and corrupt elite. After all, Trump was once the longest of shots.


What’s the argument against Ann Coulter? I keep hearing she’s just a hysterical broad, and while that may be true I haven’t seen anyone directly refute her when she takes it to Trump.


Whatever transpires in the coming two years, I would never regret my vote for Trump. Like I’ve said, if all he accomplished was winning the election (and skullfucking the cuck paradigm), that’d be enough to immortalize him.

And Trump is still a master rhetorician the GOP hasn’t had since…ever. Today, Trump labels the Dems “border deniers”, which is a great reframe and co-option of classic shitlib rhetoric.


Animal rights is an oxymoron. Implied in rights is the capability to recognize others’ rights.

We take rights away from convicted criminals.

Animals can’t recognize humans’ rights, so animals can’t have rights.

Before you say “what about retarded humans?” we recognize their rights because we know they’re handicapped and therefore deviated from the human norm. We carve out principled exceptions.

I’m all for humane treatment of animals, but that’s a courtesy we extend to animals to address our own emotional needs with, one hopes, the full knowledge that the animals really have no idea why we’re extending them that courtesy, or even that they’re getting a courtesy. This has nothing to do with “rights”, nor should it. If it did, we would have bastardized the concept to uselessness.


The average age of hispanics in the US is something like 9.

Pelosi wants to lower the voting age to 16.



Who’s pulling AOC’s strings? (short answer: a turk, a bindi, and a soyboy)


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