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This has been a banner week for feminism, if you like the idea of feminists committing mass hara-kiri. (I do.)

When “Gender Studies” professors and Jezebel shrews are hardest hit, America wins.

Hot off the presses, a new study finds that sex-based brain differences are evident IN UTERO (long before culture or social constructivist poopytalk can plausibly have any influence on the sexes).

Brand new research on sex-related brain differences measured ?? ?????. The last bastion of hope for blank slatism has now evaporated.

“These observations confirm that sexual dimorphism in functional brain systems emerges during human gestation.”https://t.co/5Kvp625qxe

— Colin Wright (@SwipeWright) March 11, 2019

Sex-related differences in brain and behavior are apparent across the life course, but the exact set of processes that guide their emergence in utero remains a topic of vigorous scientific inquiry. Here, we evaluate sex and gestational age (GA)-related change in functional connectivity (FC) within and between brain wide networks. Using resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging we examined FC in 118 human fetuses between 25.9 and 39.6 weeks GA (70 male; 48 female). Infomap was applied to the functional connectome to identify discrete prenatal brain networks in utero. A consensus procedure produced an optimal model comprised of 16 distinct fetal neural networks distributed throughout the cortex and subcortical regions. We used enrichment analyses to assess network-level clustering of strong FC-GA correlations separately in each sex group, and to identify network pairs exhibiting distinct patterns of GA-related change in FC between males and females. We discovered both within and between network FC-GA associations that varied with sex. Specifically, associations between GA and posterior cingulate-temporal pole and fronto-cerebellar FC were observed in females only, whereas the association between GA and increased intracerebellar FC was stronger in males. These observations confirm that sexual dimorphism in functional brain systems emerges during human gestation.

As the study’s conclusion notes, neonatal sex-based brain differences exert lifelong effects on behavioral sex differences:

The study of brain development in utero is imperative for understanding typical and atypical brain development trajectories and achieving optimal long-term neurobehavioral outcomes. The present study demonstrates for the first time that development of fetal brain FC varies with sex. The differential development of FC over gestation in male and female fetuses likely acts as a precursor to sex-related brain connectivity differences observed across the lifespan. Further, the fetal brain networks observed in the present study likely serve as the building blocks for nascent neonatal, toddler, and adult networks.

Colin Wright points out…

Also keep in mind that this study measured *functional* connectivity, not merely differences in brain anatomy.

Feminists and soyboy enablers are being force fed the truth about male and female differences: “society” has nothing to do with them. The source of sex differences is in the brain and begins in utero.

Biology über alles.

Feminist Indoctrination Kommissars BTFO.


PS Amazog just banned Kevin MacDonald’s seminal book The Culture of Critique.

Amazon has just banned Kevin MacDonald’s book The Culture Of Critique, which discusses how Jews have infiltrated and subverted Western culture. You can read my review here: https://t.co/hq1kmPaDHu pic.twitter.com/2H16ARg46J

— Roosh (@rooshv) March 12, 2019

Luckily, you can still buy the book here…for now.

That famed liberal tolerance is quite a thing to behold, eh?

There should be a Banned Books Reading Club. That would make a great summer reading list.


PPS One of the few memes I laugh at with every return visit:


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