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White knighting in this day and age is about as anachronistic as virgin brides.


The West is losing its collective head. In Spain, a girls’ basketball team was allowed to play in the same league as the boys’ teams. The result was predictable.

J.R. comments,

apparently the girls are quitting cause they lose by an average of 50 points every game and end up bruised and injured cause the boys play too physical

as yeyo says, how did we get here? an uncontacted amazon tribe would know this

we’re going backwards

How did we get here?
We got bored with affluence and prosperity and comfort.
Not to worry, the problem is self-correcting.
We’ll fuck it all up and have to start from scratch.
Make life exciting again!

Mace Dindu adds,

We got here by letting a malicious tribe gain dominance over a form of human connectedness that never previously existed. For all of human history, what one “knew” was a result of what he experienced firsthand, and his dealings with his immediate community. Now, nearly all of what one “knows” is absorbed top-down by those who control the mass media. Including you and me.

Mass media is the enemy of the people.


Pat Buchanan writes on how the media and their Dem party foot soldiers are actively and intentionally dispossessing Middle America.


In one hundred years, in a post-apocalypse post-America, historians of the day will doubt the following cultural signifiers actually happened:

-trannyfreak “rights”

-slut pride marches

-moslem third worlders willingly invited to West Virginia

-an 11-year-old drag queen dancing for adult gay men

-one political party giving illegal aliens the vote

They will disbelieve because in the apocalyptic correction event (ACE) these things will have been crushed to dust.


The $PLC has half a billion in assets. The SPLC is also an anti-White genocide project.

You think I exaggerate.

Here are screen caps which caught a “blackening list” hanging in an SPLC office which appears to represent SPLC executives gleefully counting down the days to a minority White America.

Trump, do something useful this week for your base. Direct your AG to declare the SPLC a hate group which should be monitored nonstop by the FBI.

If you find this hard to do, try spending more time with your sons and less time with your number one daughter.


Good article on the dating market that recapitulates a lot of CH themes.

One objection I have with the general thrust of the article: online dating data analysis of women’s mate preferences can be misleading. In a sterile online environment, women are harshly picky about men’s looks, but in the real, face-to-face world women become more sophisticated evaluators of men and tend to respond eagerly to hsmv traits like charisma and body language which don’t come across as well in dating app profiles.


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