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the bolshevik left’s “war” on “hate speech”:

meet the people who determine what 2 billion people should think and say on the internethttps://t.co/PltGStkdcz

— Brannon (@The_Brannon1776) March 9, 2019

Blonde shrew, third from right:

A couple of great quotes from that Twatter thread:

“They’re a private company. Build your own internet.”


“Christian bakers should be forced to sacrifice their time and labor to make something contrary to their values.”


“Okay, I’m going to build an alternative media network.”

“Call in his loans. Pull his advertising. Boycott his supporters. Shut it down.”

And this quote is so money it could be bernankified:

It used to be Talk Love, Act Hatefully from Globohomo, while the frog was boiling, but the mask is completely off and now it’s Talk Hate, Act Hatefully.

If they keep this up and the Dems go full retard and stay there, Trump could sit on his ass for the next two years and still win.

PS Alex Of-Color stumbles upon a Maul-Right truth at SXSW.

Yes, Alex, you’re right. A shrinking population of White Americans *don’t* want to pay for a welfare state that supports indigent POC.

A reader,

Welfare started as a program only for widows of Veterans. Look what a difference 60 years makes.

AOC thinks medicare for all, green new deals, and welfare queens as far as the eye can see is what “America has always been” and what we “need to return to”.

This is what happens when alien peoples take the reins of power from a nation. Historical perspective and an appreciation for the core populace’s ideals goes right out the window.


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