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The males — and I use the term loosely — who would acquiesce to voluntary cuckoldry are the kinds of males no woman would want. And the females who would demand acquiescence to cuckoldry are the kinds of females who couldn’t get the man they wanted.


Second City Bureaucrat is my favorite Twatter account, which means he’ll be banned soon.

There are three things in life that are certain: death, taxes, and powerful Jews condescending to non-Jews about morality and the dangers of ethnonationalism. https://t.co/YDd2tRzeB5

— Second City Bureaucrat (@CityBureaucrat) March 8, 2019


Michael Tracey, an honorable leftist, has also been wielding the Twatter shivs,

Remember when Jennifer Rubin tried to insinuate that Rand Paul was anti-Israel and perhaps even anti-semitic because he failed to slap his hands together with sufficient vigor? pic.twitter.com/RJpho1dLnl

— Michael Tracey (@mtracey) March 9, 2019

For those unfamiliar with her character, Jennifer Rubin is possibly the most malevolent Stalinist in legacy punditry. Truly a sick piece of cunty shit. Oh, and she’s the house conservative for Cuck, Inc., but I repeat myself.


It’s time for Spot the Hypocrisy, a game you will always win as long as you have very special opponents.

Mark Kogan supplies the endless chutzpah today.


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