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This is what shitlibs think of themselves when their self-perception algorithm is set to 100% Fantasy Fuel.

Shitlib phenotype reality:

PA comments,

It’s an interesting window into the lib-male’s soul. His antagonists, who represent MAGA men, aren’t evil-looking, scary or ridiculous. They are sad and weak looking.

Yet the lib’s self-image is that of the aggressor, or at least a hard-puncher in that single frame.

Doesn’t feel heroic to me. But the lib is clearly in throes of self-idealizing heroism when he verbally (it’s always about being so smart!) abuses defeated men.

Male shitlibs are like that version of George Costanza in the jerkstore episode. He’s always thinking of comebacks after the moment has passed, but finally has one and it lands with a thud. His self-satisfaction is immediately deflated.

Anyhow, PA has got it right. Shitlibs are into humiliation porn. They have a sadistic urge to cruelly humiliate weaker enemies, while stronger enemies elicit from the shitlib either deranged psychotic breaks or instant submission and pleas for mercy.

Where did this comic come from? Aquinas quips:

A [special person] fappatorium

PS Decent article about “conservative democracy”.


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