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There is an epidemic raging of hot teachers banging their underage students. I consider it a harbinger of societal collapse.

The latest “hot for student” fiasco is a doozy.

Teacher needs to see me (and my friend) after school…

That’s a thousand underage cock stare.

You can practically see the faint streaks of six months’ worth of facials.

The kid has tight text game. Passes Jumbotron test. Abides Poon Commandment V: Adhere to the golden ratio (sends half as many texts as she does).

Why do women do this?

Part of the answer is the repercussion of a society which has stopped constraining female hypergamy.

And part of the answer is the de-masculinization of the beta hubbies of these succubi. These chicks are deprived of alpha male in their lives, and they’ll find it in the pre-verbal zfg arms of middle school boys.

Finally, infantilization has taken over the minds of so many women. They’ve never grown up and don’t want to grow up, so banging a student validates their self-perception.

You will be unsurprised to learn the husband of this dead-eyed boyfucker is at DEFCUCK 1. He knew this was going on (started when the boy was 12), and begged the student’s parents not to report his wife to police.

Footage just released also shows Zamora’s husband remained supportive of his wife despite the accusations.

Too many men “supporting” skank whores who don’t deserve it.

‘Not gonna discuss it with you,’ her husband tells police at one point. ‘Brittany is an adult. She’s the best, the best person I’ve ever known,’ he said.

Keep telling yourself that, bub.

It is not clear if they are still together or not.

If they aren’t, it was her decision.

The boy’s parents previously claimed Zamora’s husband Daniel called them and begged them not to report his wife to police after they saw her sexual texts, saying she had made a mistake.


The parents told police that Zamora’s husband ‘harassed’ the father over the phone, begging him not to go to the authorities and insisting that his wife had ‘made a big mistake, but that she loved the kids,’ according to the documents.

Cringingly beta.

Daniel Zamora also allegedly suggested that he and the boy’s dad ‘meet up’ and ‘settle this,’ but the parent turned down his offer and hung up on him.

So fuckin beta.

Zamora and her husband, who she has known she was 16, married in 2015. They do not have any children.

Proof of betaness. She thought his seed unworthy of her womb.

I’m more sickened by the beta husband’s reaction than I am by his slutty teacher wife. This is how men without options behave when their “lucky strike” cheats on them: “She dindu nuffin! Please don’t leave me to masturbate again for another ten year dry spell!”

That’s her husband on the left. Big wide open mouth. Gloryhole face. Nümale submission gesture. He feels so lucky.

I can predict the end of a relationship by how “lucky” the man feels to be in it. The luckier he feels, the faster it ends.

BETA — pledge to stay with a depraved cheating whore

DIGNIFIED MAN — throw her to the wolves

PS Placing bets on the race of the student.


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