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From This is a sobriquet,

Democrats [women] cheered harder for themselves getting into congress than for war heroes, criminal justice reform, child cancer survivors, preventing sex trafficking, lowest unemployment among black/hispanics in history, job growth, and a guy who landed on the moon.

It’s the Congressional LOOKATME caucus. The price of admission is to have a vagina and a perpetually curled snarl.

From Rabbi High Comma,

Occasio-Cortez couldn’t even look sincere clapping for a child with brain cancer. She will do our work for us. She could have gone into porn, or provided vagina for a black running back, but instead her destiny is to red pill millions of Whites who weren’t paying attention. God bless you La Raza Chan.

I know these chicks. The only face barmaidens like Attentionwhore Of-Color can sincerely express is snark&sass, the female counterpoint to the male agree&amplify.

PS Since we’re on the subject of false pride….


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