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Defoo: To disavow any connection with your family like some whiney emo pussy.

Dangerous political rifts aren’t regional, like they were in the lead-up to Civil War I. Now, unbridgeable political and moral chasms separate cities from states, suburbs from towns, neighbor from neighbor, friend from friend, and even parents from children. Civil War II will have a different complexion than CWI. The front lines will be everywhere.

Moly has joined the defoo movement:

Disown leftists.


Get them the hell out of your life.

Ostracism is the last hope to stop detention camps, starvation and totalitarianism.

Maybe the social shock of being shunned will waken them.

If they win, you’re going to be separated anyway.

Just on their terms

— Stefan Molyneux (@StefanMolyneux) February 26, 2019

J.Y. points out that betrayal is a real risk when you refuse to defoo recalcitrant ORANGE MAN BAD family members:

I’m going to say something politically incorrect in EVERY circle: it is NOT at all unusual for the mother or wife of a right winger to cuck and cuck hard for the other side when the going gets tough.

Some women WILL be with you through thick and thin. But turn around and look at the parents of that girl who was raped and murdered by the illegal. Could they possibly cuck any harder?

In general I think disowning family IS a last resort. But you also can’t afford to have people who are likely to betray you with intimate knowledge of your comings, goings, etc.

My take on the defoo question: don’t, until you have no other recourse or you’re at your wit’s end and the raging TDS of your intimates has poisoned the relationship beyond your ability to shrug it off.

The Defoo Dilemma is a nuanced predicament for anyone who lives outside the internet thothouse. Realistically, we aren’t going to have politically “pure” friends and family. But the stakes are very high and political opposition is now fraught with life or death meaning. Egos are on the line and easily frayed in ways they never have been before. This is a new development that wasn’t the case a mere ten years ago.

The decision to defoo should depend on intensity of your shitlib friend’s or family member’s commitment to their ideological axe-grinding. Thankfully, most shitlibs aren’t (yet) so far gone that they’ll berate you about the Orange Man for as long as you’re willing to listen. But the lunatics are out there, and their numbers are growing. If you have one of these lunatics in your social circle, defoo away those irreconcilable differences. Give the heave-ho to out-and-proud, wild-eyed pussyhat friends and family, but don’t go crazy punishing everyone who parroted a Colbert inanity during a backyard BBQ. There’s no reason to blow up perfectly good friendships over a stray comment about “Putin’s puppet”.

TBH, as a MAGAman you’ll likely get defoo’ed by shitlib friends and family before you’ve had a chance to defoo them. That’s because shitlibs are more intolerant of ideological opposition. If you get defoo’ed by a shitlib in your acquaintance or a shitlib in your family, let that person go. You wouldn’t want the headache of pandering to someone who hates you and would never give you the same degree of respect you give her.


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