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Here’s another feminist and soyboy myth thoroughly debunked by ¡SCIENCE!.

Contrary cherished shitlib snark about “toxic masculinity”, it turns out the Real Angry and Moody Men are low T Vox readers.

…paradoxically, it’s often men with low testosterone levels that are moody, depressed, and even angry, while men with normal or high testosterone levels are generally sociable and gregarious.

Dr. Christina Wang of UCLA found that men with low T were likely to be snarkier and more aggressive than men with high T, but once the snarky ones received T replacement, their attitude and anger disappeared (1).

The Exceptions

Improper usage (very high doses) of testosterone or steroids could elicit aggressive tendencies (“roid rage”) in men that might be predisposed to such behavior. Likewise, socioeconomic status can play a role, too.

Experience (and a couple of studies) shows us that a good deal of societal misbehavior comes from men with high testosterone levels but low socioeconomic status. Men who are high in testosterone but also high in socioeconomic status can usually restrain themselves because they know they have more to lose.

Link to original study.

The following mood parameters were assessed using a 7-point Likert rating scale: angry, alert, irritable, full of pep (energy), sad/blue, tired, friendly, nervous, and well/good. When compared with the baseline period, T replacement led to significant decreases in anger (P = 0.0045), irritability (P = 0.0009), sadness (P = 0.0033), tiredness (P = 0.0035), and nervousness (P = 0.0291), and significant improvement in energy level (P = 0.0020), friendliness (P = 0.0072), and sense of well-being (P = 0.024) in all subjects as a group.

We conclude that T replacement therapy in hypogonadal men improved their positive mood parameters, such as energy, well/good feelings, and friendliness and decreased negative mood parameters including anger, nervousness, and irritability, and direct correlations between serum T and DHT with mood scores were only observed in the baseline period when serum androgen levels were below the normal range.

Remember, folks, anger is low T, rage is high T.

Masculine men are typically the opposite of the caricatures of them by envious low T males and spiteful lsmv females.

The masculine man is happy, upbeat, friendly, and energetic.

Low T Fake Men like the fruit cups who work at Vox are bitter, anxious, unfriendly, angry, and irritable.

So low T men are like women then.

Maybe this explains the PleaseMeToo movement? Shitlib women are surrounded all day by angry, moody, sniveling, low T twees.


Not too far off-topic, if you squint: A judge has ruled that a men-only military draft is unconstitutional.

This is great. Heighten the contradictions of shitlib equalism. The best cure for America is pushing the patient to a near-death experience.

An emailer chuckles,

This might be bigger news than I’ve seen in a while. Men may be the more expendable sex, but there is a group of women even more expendable than all of men, feminists.


Squint a little harder, and you’ll see the relevance in this study.

Associations between Dopamine D4 Receptor Gene Variation with Both Infidelity and Sexual Promiscuity

DRD4 VNTR genotype varies considerably within and among populations and has been subject to relatively recent, local selective pressures. Individual differences in sexual behavior are likely partially mediated by individual genetic variation in genes coding for motivation and reward in the brain.

Okay, next step, let’s see if this gene varies by race. HOLY COW SHUT IT DOWN.


Keep squinting.

Genetic counsellors are the professionals who advise on the results of tests for hereditary conditions, often after samples have been taken from foetuses in the womb as well as from the parents. Consequently they are often the first to know that the father isn’t the father. A study in America found that more than 95 per cent of them would not tell a man that the child wasn’t his. (Around 95 per cent of genetic counsellors are female, and you have to wonder if more men would be informed if more counsellors were male.)

95% of genetic counselors, most of them female, would be willing accomplices to cuckoldry fraud.

Read that again. 95% of genetic counselors (nearly all women) would willingly lie for a lying cunt to imprison a man into eighteen years of indentured servitude to a child which he falsely believes is his own.


The word you’re reaching for is “evil”.

Gentlemen, don’t believe all women. In fact, don’t believe any woman. If you want kids, get a paternity test. And vote for politicians who promise to mandate paternity testing (which can be done prenatally, before the cuck consumes you).

If you go to a genetic counselor, ask her up front, “Would you tell me if the baby wasn’t mine?”. Get her on record. It will be useful in court should you prove her a liar.


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