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Hate crimes against White people wearing MAGA hats are on the rise. That’s a real hate crime category with an exponential growth in numbers of cases since Trump was elected, which the media doesn’t want to cover.

“81-year-old Trump supporter assaulted over his MAGA hat”

“Bully attacks, intimidates, high school Trump supporter for wearing MAGA hat”

J.R. cuts to the chase,

this isn’t about MAGA Hats

this is about race

this is just another Violent Black [and hispanic] attacking a White Kid

the MAGA hat is just the excuse

The MAGA hat has become the symbol of uppity Whiteness, and blacks don’t like a White man who doesn’t automatically bow and scrape before his kangz.

Uppity Whiteness is the real sin. A cowed and defeated White person knows his place, but a White person donning a MAGA hat is telling his putative superiors and tormentors that he kneels for no one. That’s what is driving the rage against the MAGA hat. It’s a symbol of Whites abstaining from submission.

Perhaps Whites could wear this MAGA lid instead, to ward off potential hate crime attacks against them:

PS Alex Of-Color tacitly says having White kids is immoral.

Things that will never happen: AOC telling Africans to stop having so many babies because she’s hypocritically trying to save the earth from the comfort of her $3,000/month one bedroom apartment in an all-White enclave of DC.


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