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The title of this post suggests a wordy exegesis, but readers may relax because the connections between the thematic elements aren’t difficult to explain.

The cause-and-effect arrows go like this:

War reduces the number of young men in a population


Fewer men skews the sex ratio to favor men’s preferences


A sex skew favoring men means more women available for each man


More sexual market options means increased male choosiness for better-looking women


Better-looking women produce better-looking daughters, ensuring more beauty in future generations.

Conversely, a sex skew that favors women (more men than women) intensifies beta male thirst, because there are fewer women for men to fight over. Men operating in such a parched sexual market will blast online fatties with horrible anti-Game and wife up sluts and single moms. Fertility will collapse from all the men “dropping out” to be one with their fapatoriums, and many ugly, fat, feminist women will find lsmv mates and bear ugly children, ruining the aesthetics of future generations.

Greg Cochran inspired this post with his comments about the insane post-WW2 female-tilted sex skew in Russia, which likely contributed to the Communist wasteland’s eventual collapse a generation later.

Cochran provided a handy dandy graphic to drive home the point about sex skews as an under-appreciated factor in large-scale geopolitical events.

In 1950 in Russia, there were 62 men for every 100 women in the 25-49 age bracket (prime reproduction years). This was the closest earth has come to a Poosy Paradise. An ugly, broke, charmless man in 1950 Russia could pick up 9s and 10s with no Game at all, and have them coming back begging for more of his situational alpha male love because he would have natural Dread Game from his near-limitless options.

In 2017 in Russia, that number had climbed up to 98 men for every 100 women in the 25-49 age bracket. Poosy Party’s over, but a Russia Enlightenment begins.

In 1950, there was a male-favoring sex skew in almost all of Eastern Europe, particular along the Eurasian steppe extending from the Baltics down to Crimea. Post-war Germany, unsurprisingly, also had a sex skew favoring men, although not as pronounced as that experienced by the Soviet Union and its satellites.

By 2017, the sex skew in almost all of Allied Europe has favored women (more men than women), and Russia has bounced back to near numerical reproductive-age parity between the sexes.

Cochran writes,

[The map] shows the sex ratio ( males per 100 females)  of the population aged 25-49 [sic] in a number of European countries in 1950 –  the adult men that do most of the world’s work. Those that produce more than they consume. In Russia, that number was 62, likely lower than anywhere else in the world.

I think one could truthfully say that one reason for the failure of Communism in the Soviet Union was that the heart of the country had been torn out.  Something similar happened in France, in the 1920s and 1930s. People would talk about some problem that need to be solved, or some desirable innovation, and explain that it never happened, because the guy that should have done it died at Verdun.  But it was worse in Russia. And it’s not just the dead: a lot of guys were crippled –  so many that they made Moscow look bad, and therefore were exiled to Central Asia for appearances’ sake.

In part, the Soviet Union failed because  ” an assegai had been thrust into the belly of the nation”. This makes a half-decent excuse: but it would be a better excuse if the Soviets hadn’t done so much of it to themselves.

Still: look at what Khrushchev had to work with.  He had released most of the zeks, wasn’t running show trials, undoubtedly wanted to make Russia great again: but the young, strong, independent-minded men he needed were scarce. Some had died of typhus or famine in the Revolution, some had been shot and buried in Kuropaty Forest. More had died at Vyazma,Stalingrad, Kursk, and Berlin.

Back in the 1950s, Russia was a lot weaker than it looked.

Yes, but Russia was stronger in one respect: A new generation of Russian beauties was being born.

Cochran may object on genetic computational grounds, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that today Russia, the Baltics, and the EE steppe countries have famously beautiful native women. Those regions went through a male meat grinder (that’s male privilege for ya), and out of that came rapid and intense sexual selection for an exquisite female beauty that has astounded the world.

As often happens, when men lose, women win. And then the surviving men get to enjoy women’s winnings.

Now that Russia has its core of young men restored, go long on the country’s prospects. Thankfully, once a high average female beauty is genetically established in the population, it tends to stick around for many more generations. Russia, not China, may be the story of the 21st Century.

The male-heavy sex skew in most of Europe and America now is an ominous portent. Excess men, each with no (feminine) woman to call his own, suggests a present and future West dominated by beta male thirst, intra-tribal skirmishing, foreign entanglements, rampant polygyny and a consequent growing incel subpopulation, and ugly unfeminine women acting like hard 10s. Mass migration of third world males into the West only exacerbates the problem.

We have entered the Age of Schisms and Solo Jizms.


It’s Meme Monday!

PS Must-read: Confessions of a Public Defender (Dindu Nuffins all the way down).


vfm#7634 clarifies,

Caveat: a population with excess women also needs low rates of out-of-wedlock births and single mommery. After all, the U.S. gr0id population is also woman-heavy… but still butt-ugly.

Very true. A male selection pressure acting on an abundance of females would have to include 1. male standards, 2. a social stigma against polygyny and 3. an innate disposition toward monogamy (and the concomitant male investment) in order to beautify proceeding generations of women. Otherwise, men will just pump and dump more women instead of invest in higher quality women, and leave a hellscape of single moms in their wake.

Eurasian men meet all three preconditions (generally, with some exceptions for high sociosexual men at the margins).


zeta male pondscum cracked me up with this sardonic aside,

Well, since a weak man like me is unlikely to last long in the coming civil unrest, i want you all to know that i bequeath to you all the beautiful young ladies whom i wouldn’t have stood a chance with anyways……


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