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Just Like You And Me

KTLA Anchor Chris Burrous Died from Overdose on Crystal Meth After Inserting Drug into His Anus

[…] According to the death investigation, officials say Burrous worked his shift at KTLA, and then left early for the day complaining he felt ill.

Instead of going home, he set up a meeting with a man at a motel in Glendale for an afternoon of hardcore sex. The two allegedly met on Grindr and had hooked up multiple times in the past.

When the companion arrived, Burrous allegedly answered the door fully nude, and had set up the room with “DJ style” lighting, S&M toys, lubrication jelly and a massage bench. The two men allegedly engaged in various forms of sexual activities, including anal and oral sex.

At some point during the meeting, 43-year-old Burrous allegedly inserted a “rock” of crystal meth into his anus and stated it was supposed to make him “high and loose”

He then allegedly gave his companion a syringe full of GHB and a bottle of Gatorade. The two became intimate again, and Burrous allegedly inserted another “rock” of meth into his anus before putting on a mask while his companion allegedly inserted his hand into Burrous’ backside.

The report states Burrous also used “poppers,” an alkyl nitrite inhaled that produces a euphoric effect.

Burrous began getting fisted while laying face down on the bed, and allegedly told his companion he was feeling fine until the man noticed him making a grunting noise, and flipped him over to realize Burrous had vomited inside his S&M mask.

The man called 911 and began to perform CPR on Burrous until emergency responders arrived. He was transported to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead in the emergency room.

I can’t believe how much sordid detail is in this news report. This is like the opposite of Fake News. Too Real News.

During the death investigations, officials were told Burrous, who leaves behind a wife and young daughter,

Unfathomable. You’re this gay man’s wife or daughter. You wake up to read this in the news. What do you do?

Why, exactly, was all this detail released to the press? Did the cops have a vendetta against Burrous and spilled every bean to the media? Is this par for the course in suspicious death investigations? You’d think the family would request discretion about the circumstances surrounding the death. Or maybe the wife hated her gay husband and his secret life.

Last question. How many gay homosexual men have children? Is the wife-beard a common occurrence? I would think the more out-and-proud gay men there are, the fewer gay men in sham marriages who might pass on their theoretical (theatrical) gay genes.

This is Chris Burrous, reporting for KTLA….today’s story: butt meth and gay fisting. Should it be included in the Common Core curriculum?


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