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The best thing about the Smollett Libel is that it also smears the media, because the gears of the Anti-White Hate Hoax Machine are as much lubed by the Narrative agitprop of credulous whorenalists as they are by attention whore gayjewlattos. You can tell this shames media shitheads as much as it does Smollett by how sheepishly the usual suspects are reporting the story.

The Chaimstream Media, as is their nature, are treating the Smollett Libel as a one-off. But it’s not. Anti-White hate hoaxes are the norm rather than the exception in Clown America.

Neither was it a ruse by Smollett to coax his Empire producers for a salary raise. That’s just his lawyers’ squid ink to distract from the real, underlying motive. Smollett may have thought the insta-fame from being a hate crime victim would shine his Challahwood star (“see, randos on the street know who I am!”), but the compulsion came from a deeper place, where raw tribal instincts boil in a hindbrain stew.

Let’s be clear about this, Smollett’s Blood Libel carried with it some very serious consequences, if he had pulled it off. The sociopath narcissist was ready to condemn two innocent White men to prison to preserve the believability of his faked anti-black and anti-gay hate crime. Had the security camera been pointing in the right direction, he may have succeeded. Realize what this means. A pumped and primed media running a 24/7 weeks-long propaganda blitz featuring a grainy video of the two masked Nigerians wearing MAGA hats in a choreographed beating and noosing of Smollett would have set Chicago ablaze in race riots. There would have been multiple deaths, billions in property damage, and even greater State hounding of dissident White men.

We dodged a huge fucking bullet thanks to Smollett’s idiocy and the media’s eager overreach.

People lament it’s as if the media learned nothing from the anti-White UVA and Covington Boys hate hoaxes, but that misses the point. The media ARE NOT INTERESTED in learning any lessons; the media WANT to push these blood libels against White Christian men. Do you think leftoid media apparatchiks don’t already know most of these “hate crimes” are hoaxes? They know, and they don’t care. They abide one journolister ethic: GET WHITEY.

The blood libeler exploitation was a mutually reinforcing feedback loop. Smollett exploited a credulous media that so badly WANTED TO BELIEVE IN AND PROSELYTIZE the myth of structural White racism, while the media exploited a narcissistic racist Smollett who so badly WANTED TO MAKE EVERYONE BELIEVE IN the myth of structural White racism.

The media is disproportionately, veering toward predominately, staffed, operated, and owned by [special people], who harbor a visceral hatred and spiteful envy of White male Christians. It is what it is, I don’t write the cosmic laws. As long as the media is in the grips of this small but powerful minority, the GET WHITEY prime directive will remain in place. The only solution is mass firings from media outlets and substitution with Heritage Americans. I’m looking at you, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, BEZOSPOST, CARLOSSLIMTIMES, AP, REUTERS, YAHOO, AXIOS, PUFFEDHO, FEEDBUZZ, and EVERYONE AT FOX EXCEPT TUCKER CARLSON.

Smollett let down the media because he was such a dummy that he exposed the Anti-White Hate Hoax Industry and the media’s role in it to Nice White Americans who would normally give these “victims” the benefit of the doubt. No more. A killing blow has been delivered to the Hate Hoax Machine. The media will try to move on from Smollett as if nothing much has changed, but they will find their hope outraces their accelerating disgrace when, in future hate crime cases, regular White Americans shrug and ask for hard evidence first before giving their credulity.

Smollett fucked up this cushy gig the media (and their Uniparty allies) had going, and for that we should thank him. Ironically, Smollett has done a world of good for MAGA.

Smollett revealed two simultaneous, interdependent operative cultures: The Lie Culture and the Anti-White Blood Libel Culture. These are real cultures, as opposed to Fake Cultures like Patriarchy or Rape Culture or White Privilege which White shitlibs cling to for ego gratification and guilt amelioration.

The hot take from National Review is instructive. Smollett is the consequence of a “victim culture” in which social status is gained through victim “faming”. While not entirely meritless, this typically cuck-preferred argument is misleading. If a victim culture were the primary motivating force behind all these hate hoaxes, why is it primarily White Christian men targeted by the victim mongers? A true victim culture would feature a more random assortment of perpetrators to boost the opportunities available to the victim whore.

The truth is that the fundamental motivation of these hate hoaxes, and the nature of the culture which exalts the hate hoax mentality, is HATRED OF WHITE PEOPLE, and specifically hatred of White Christian men.

This is the alpha and the omega of modren day America. NO COUNTRY FOR GOY WHITE MEN.

Until and if “mainstream” conservatives acknowledge this reality, we will continue losing the war, and our nation, to the degenerate fuggernaut Left.


The Smollett off-the-rack ski mask is the Left’s version of the freshly pressed eBay swastika flag:

PS CT time. Was the Smollett Libel a H33b State aborted false flag operation that goes all the way to the top? Was Kamala Harris part of the hoax planning? Is there an LGPT angle?

PPS Jussie-the-tip is demanding presumption of innocence for himself. Well, isn’t that funny how a freak’s tune changes when the shoe is on the other foot. Same Jussie, before his hate hoax blood libel: “Brett Kavanaugh did not deserve presumption of innocence“.

Can you stomach these lowlifes anymore? I can’t. Mockery is my medicine.

PPPS This is a good time to collate the tweets of all the Democreep candidates who came storming out of the gate to express solidarity with Smollett. These screen captures will prove useful during the 2020 campaign as reminders to White Americans of the kinds of evil, malicious, scum of the earth anti-White bigots and sanctimonious cunts currently posing as legitimate presidential candidates (yeah, I’m looking at you, too, Bernard).

James Woods, based&whitepilled: “This should be on a billboard throughout the entire election cycle. A constant reminder of your lust to spew hatred of white people without any respect for the facts.”

Cory Booker (D-Downlow) employs the DARVO tactic. Via Kelly, “Excellent example of DARVO – a tactic of abusers when confronted where they deny, attack, reverse victim and offender – used by a politician:

Sen. Cory Booker was one of the first politicians to jump at Jussie’s story and used it to push his anti-lynching legislation in the Senate.  Even though no lynching occurred, even if Jussie had been telling the truth, Booker quickly related it to his own agenda anyway.  When confronted by a reporter after the story of the hoax broke, Cory Booker immediately went into denial by saying “information is still coming out.”  Then he went on the attack by saying, “Bigoted and biased attacks are on the rise.”  This switched the roles of the actual victims of Jussie’s crime, Trump-supporters, to victimizers, when he implied that the problem isn’t hate crime hoaxes, but “right-wing terror attacks.”  Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender.

Oops, Nancy Pelosi deleted her pro-Jussie tweet! Luckily, I have a copy right here.

“racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia…you name it” Krist, they all sound like Hillary Clinton clones.

Vermont is 95% White.

It’s amazing how many blood libelers are running for president on the Democrat ticket!

Joe Biden touches little girls inappropriately.

This list wouldn’t be complete without checking in with our [special friends] at the $PLC. Maybe they should try tracking hate hoaxes instead. It would keep them legitimately busy.

I need some good news. Here’s something: Nick Sandmann — the iconic Covingtonlord — is suing the Bezos Post for defamation in the amount of $250 million. Word has it the case will go before a Kentucky court, so there’s a good chance the Bezos Post will lose and have to cough up a huge chunk of change and a groveling apology as part of a plea deal.


Spare me a moment to preen. My predictive power is pretty good.

I said way back when it first broke that the Smollett saga would wind up being akin to gay role play. Not far off.

I said right after Inauguration Day that Javanka would be Trump’s Achille’s heel. Spot on.

Now I’m saying Bernard “Bolshevik” Sanders will win 2020 if Trump doesn’t make a course correction soon. Details to follow.


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