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A great comment from Asagirian,

To clear thing up, we need to speak of White Elite Privilege.

The US is really about White Elite Privilege, not White Privilege.

White Elites really do have privilege and work hard to justify & keep it by spouting PC cliches about fighting ‘white privilege’, thus spreading the blame around to ALL whites, most of whom don’t have privilege. It’s a trick of spreading the blame to stay in the game.

We have to stop talking of ‘White Privilege’. The term is too broad and genetic. Too often, the debate is about ‘there is white privilege’ vs ‘there is no white privilege’.
The problem is ‘white’ is too expansive and inclusive a category, including everyone from Bill Gates to toothless hillbilly in W. Virginia. So, ‘white privilege’ is pointless as it includes even dirt poor whites with nothing and are often victimized by black thugs.

But there really is White Elite Privilege. Paradoxically, in order for White Elites to keep their own considerable status and privilege, they must denounce ‘White Privilege’. It’s so very convenient for them because they, as the clever educated and affluent, get to pretend as agents of ‘social justice’ against the white working class and ‘deplorables’ who resist ‘change’. (Diversity also favors the elites over the masses. In a homogeneous society, the elites with MORE are at moral disadvantage to the masses who have less. But in a diverse society, the haves can hug Diversity [mostly as tokens and peons] and accuse the have-nots of their own kind of ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’. Thus, moral advantage goes to the elites.)

To expose and bring these a**holes down, we need to use the term, White Elite Privilege. Or White Comprador Elite Privilege because white elite privilege is in service to Jewish Super-Privilege. As Jewish Power has rigged the Narrative to make Jews holy & pure while making whites sinful & guilty, white elites must appear to atone for their past sins in order to justify and keep their privilege. Jews exploit this psychology by steering guilt-ridden white elites to serve Jewish power and Zionism, and the white elites play along because it isn’t too difficult to shout out ‘Long Live Israel’ and wave the Israeli flag. Sure beats being dragged to labor camps for re-education.

We need to talk of White Elite Privilege vs White Mass Problems. Change the terms of the debate, and people will think differently.

Reframing is a core Game concept for a good reason: it’s a powerfully effective persuasion technique, of women, of voters, and of gathering revolutionaries.


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