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Audacious Epigone is currently on a social media hiatus (hopefully for reasons that aren’t too serious). In this post about Middle America finding within itself the will to survive, a comment jumped out at me.

First, the highlighted comment from Screwtape:

George Washington lost at least three major battles before he was able to secure a victory.

I’m trying to grasp for a silver lining in the dark clouds over Trump, but yes, he looks to be maneuvering toward the status quo.

The thing is, he is surrounded by enemies. He has no true side from which he can direct his forces.

Did he underestimate the landscape? Probably. Did his base? Probably.

He got his mandate at the ballot box and has done some good things, some mediocre things, and some bad things along the way.

But what did all of those voters do after they pulled the lever?

How many scattered back into the shadows because “pussy grabber”?

How many were unwilling to risk a hit to their social status as granted by the Prog death cult, so they held their tongues and let the darkness creep?

How many are willing to step into the parent teacher conference, the church, the little league game, the boy scout troop and speak the truth? To step into the overton themselves, to drain the swamps in their own back yards?

How many are looking for a proxy to joust for their honor in the dc swamp while they let their wives emasculate them in their own kitchens?

The war is not just decided by a man in the DC swamp.

We are in a culture war, one we have been losing – nay, may have already lost.

No one general is going to take down a hundred years of rot without pitchforks and torches in every town square.

What we need more than ever is a “Million MAGA March” to the Capitol steps. Pitchforks and torches announcing its arrival. If Nancy Pelosi isn’t peeing her depends and Alex Of-Color eye-bugging like a chameleon, nothing is changing.

Achmed E Newman responds,

Right now, the costs [of rebellion] are mostly just social and occasionally economic. People had better just quit being worried about being called names and un-LIKED, before they have a lot more to lose.

I wrote this under one of the Sailer threads on the Covington kids, but I think all it will take is one particular incident in which no-one on our side backs down, and we have enough brave-enough souls to support a cause in reasonably big numbers, to embolden a whole lot more people. There’s a whole lot of tactics that patriotic Americans could learn from the 1960’s, and I don’t mean old chants and not bathing for weeks.

People will learn that at a certain numerical level of like-minded people that they can’t arrest all of us, they can’t fire all of us, and all their nasty tweets in the world don’t mean a damn thing. The patriots have a very distinct advantage in being the people that make the world go ’round.

One of Globohomo’s battlefield tactics is to isolate and ostracize dissenters, so that like-minded allies are led to believe they are alone, and few support them. The judicial torture of a handful of C’ville protestors since that fateful weekend, plus the kid glove handling of pantifa shock troops, was Globohomo’s reaction to White rebels catching them off-guard. It’s head games all the way down.

MikeatMikedotMike presents the “costs are too great” side of the argument:

I suppose I could stand up like the article says; it’s well written and I agree with its theme, but reality has a way of rearing its ugly head. If I stand up, I will be out of a job, lose my house, and be unable to support my family. My former co-workers and most of my family will shun me because they will think I’m insane, as they make up what is the majority of middle America that has absolutely no idea what’s coming. Now I’m unemployed and alone. Can I move in with Screwtape at that point?

The change (read: violence) will begin when either the welfare entitlements and government pensions start to dry up and those fokes begin to loot and burn in the urban areas, or when economic collapse drives the working class out of their jobs and puts them into a position of nothing left to lose.

If the kind of populist driven reversal of course is going to happen absent those two things, it will have to be started by a group of individuals who have the resources to sustain it through the beginning stages (the FF were not middle class, they were the rich guys.)

I’m also more genuinely concerned about the idea of firearm confiscation becoming a real possibility than ever. Here in Shillinois, Pritzger seems pretty intent an making a legit attempt at doing so (btw his brother is a former army colonel who served for 26 years, retired, and has since become a transsexual who splits his time between Chicago and Israel.) So then if it happens, who are all of these so-called red pilled police going to side with at that moment of truth? The people and the 2ndA? Or their own pensions? To ask is to answer it. The police in metro areas, as we have seen in all of these LARPing dust ups the last few years, either take the antifa side or remain out of sight. Any attempt for a dissident group to organize would be shut down by the SWAT teams made up of “conservative” cops.

The larger point is the police are not on our side, and won’t be if there is violence. They will serve their masters in the state on the promise of comfortable salaries, OT, healthcare, and pensions. They will shoot us down in a heartbeat if we organize or refuse to give up our guns. If you want an example as to why I believe this, visit the Second City Cop website and see how these two “conservative” cops feel about pensions. They feel as emphatically entitled to them as any garden variety negro does about his LINK card. Has anyone here actually known of a commenter to identify as a police officer at UR? I’ve been reading here for over 2 years and haven’t run across a single cop (that I can remember.) They probably are here but keep it to themselves. That speaks for itself. Cops are paid legionaries; their loyalty is to the man who gives them coin.

Ironically, 2A has given conservative White Americans an “illusion of power” which has lulled them into complacency about the Left’s scorched earth policy toward American institutions.

Now for the “benefits are too great to ignore” side of the argument, a commenter over there offered his personal story of rebellion. I reprint it in full here.

I agree wholeheartedly with AE’s post. There definitely needs to be more standing tall out there. Coulter has said the same thing. The only show of public support and respect Trump gets is when he’s in Israel. We shouldn’t be surprised if his actions reflect that.

In December, I was visiting my hometown of Norfolk, Nebraska and was drinking some home distilled “shine” with four or five local guys–fathers and grandfathers–farmers–in the machine shed one of them has rigged with a wood burning stove, refrigerators, still, and home-made compressed-air automatic beer can crusher.

All were very strong supporters of Trump. So I showed them a banner I had made and intended to display at the busiest intersection in Norfolk the next day, which was Saturday, wearing a yellow vest.

This was what the banner was supposed to look like:

My spray painted canvas banner was much cruder but it was something like 3′ x 12′ and said “DON’T FUCK WITH TRUMP” with a menacing Stuey from Family Guy brandishing a hand gun. They liked the slogan, helped me mount the canvas, but none would join me the next day for my stab at displaying support for Trump.

I don’t blame them, really. It’s scary for us to do something like that. There were a couple of comments about not wanting to go to jail.

The next day, I drove to 1st St and Norfolk Ave and began putting up the banner by pounding pointed stakes into the ground. Before I was finished pounding the stakes into the ground, three cop cars arrive and park and two approached me–a young white cop and an older white cop.

Young cop as he’s walking up: Hi, what’s going on?

Me: Putting up a banner.

Young cop: You got any ID?

Me: Yep.

Young cop (after standing with his hand out): You wanna show me that ID?

Me: Why?

Young cop: We just like to know who we’re talking to.

Me: You’re going to have to arrest me in order to see my ID.

Older cop (breaking in): OK, no, you don’t want to go there. What are you doing with this sign here?

[meanwhile, more and more cars are pulling over to stop and watch]

Me: I showing my support for our president.

Older cop: OK, well of course you have the right to free speech. But you have to hold any signs like. You can’t pound them into the ground.

Me: I can’t hold it by myself. I don’t have anyone to help me, even though everyone around here supports Trump.

Older cop: Well, you have to take it down.

Me (growing angry): You know why I don’t have anyone to help me hold it? Because of you. They were afraid they would go to jail. You are the problem.

Older cop: No one is going to jail for holding a banner.

Me: Well that’s what they said, so YOU guys ARE the problem. Trump’s fighting all the power in DC. He’s got George Soros with his billions doing everything he can to destroy him, and here I am, one lonely puny guy out here with my homemade banner, and you are shutting me down. You are out here helping George Soros, for the love of God.

The older cop just stood there for a minute. Then he turned and walked back to his car without a word. The young cop followed him, and all three drove away.

Now some of the cars that had pulled over to watch this highly unusual spectacle for the Midwest honked and gave me thumbs up and yelled they liked the sign, and one lady ran over and asked if I would take her picture with the sign.

It was the most exhilarating thing I’d done in a very long time.

Here’s me just after the cops left:

The fact is, if it came to it, the ONLY group capable of the organizational skill, smarts, and righteous fury to challenge a corrupt US elite is WHITE MEN.

And this is why Globohomo tirelessly works to snuff out the first signs of defiance from rebellious White men. They are scared of what we can achieve.

Now Trump has to take the lesson to heart, and fight like it’s 2016 again.


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