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It’s defies credulity how brazenly treasonous the Democortez Party has become to satisfy the demands of their anti-White virtue sniveling hysteria and pathologically misdirected Fake Altruism.

To ask is to answer: because the Democreeps want to disarm White America and arm foreign invaders, under the assumption that anarcho-tyranny in a cutthroat diversitopia is what keeps them in power forever.

The Democatladies know their future as a contending party is with the immigrant hordes, so they will stop at nothing to safeguard the flow of vibrant spice.

The Jussie Party isn’t acting alone in their plan to overthrow Heritage America. GOP buttboys for the cheap labor business class are doing their part as accomplices to the Dems’ anti-American treason.

America’s foreign-born population is at its highest level in over a hundred years, at 45 million. Half of these colonists are latino, the other half a mix and match of various nonwhites. We are being terraformed into an alien culturescape.


Kelly adds,

Republican normie politicians are so cucked and asleep and stupid and complacent that maybe they need to be voted out in a clean weep first before they can be replaced by realist Republicans.

“Clean weep”. Perfect typo.

It’s difficult to overstate the vile treachery of our putative elites. Historically, what is happening now is comparable to a state-sponsored ethnic cleansing, accomplished through population transfers instead of forcible expulsion. There is no less-charged way to describe a country that has gone from 90% majority population to 60% in forty years. Unprecedented betrayal by our leaders.


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