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Bernard (J-Vermont):

While psychologists tell us that ages 0-4 are the most important years of human development, we have a dysfunctional childcare system which underpays staff and is too costly for working families. We need universal, publicly funded childcare.

Second City Bureaucrat:

Bernard agrees we need to keep the parents working constantly as wage slaves. We don’t want one of them dedicating their time to childcare and the home. God forbid American families have any independence. How will we control their behavior?


Narrator: Socialism and capitalism, how will they ever get along?

One Woke DemSoc: Well, how about we socialize childrearing so mothers can enter the labor pool and decrease wages.

Capitalists: You got yourself a deal……..friend.


PS This is a decent report card on Trump, due for an update after today.

PPS More funny stuff from one of the best Twatter accounts currently allowed to exist by the patel mafia:

Excited for the next chapter in open government where ethnic lobbies meet in private with elected officials to determine which kinds of political speech must be censored. https://t.co/Khp6cO64NR

— Second City Bureaucrat (@CityBureaucrat) February 12, 2019


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