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Alpha Of The Month Contest

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This edition of Alpha of the Month is a contest between one aspiring alpha, one retiring alpha, and one inspiring alpha.

Who will win the coveted CH AOTM trophy? (phallically evocative)

AOTM Candidate #1 (aspiring alpha):

“Sally’s Mound” “Great Winkering”

Are we being had?


AOTM Candidate #2 (retiring alpha): View this post on Instagram


Andaaaaaa … alguien va camino a pasarla bien …

A post shared by Los Pichy Boys (@lospichyboys) on Feb 6, 2019 at 4:55pm PST

This one is open to some interpretation, but you can’t argue against the alphaness of hauling ass taking time to trim the grass.


AOTM Candidate #3 (inspiring alpha):

Much wow, doge.

Commence with the voting!


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