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Beautiful Truth Of The Day

There is no end to the ways a White society improves by becoming more homogeneous, and conversely there is no end to the ways a White society deteriorates by becoming multiracial.

This obvious truth is often muddied (heh) by nonwhites and [fellow whites] arguing irrelevant strawmen and non sequiturs about the imperfections of White societies. Don’t fall for their flimflam. They don’t have your best interests at heart, to say the least.


Optimist: The Dems will horribly overplay their hand and incite a reaction against them in 2020

Pessimist: Trump will utterly converge with ZOG and the Uniparty.

Olfactorist: Shit’s gonna hit the fan regardless, but at least hillary isn’t president.


Imagine a genetic and cultural selection event which increased the numbers of Whites who are blind to threats and indifferent to or even welcoming of ugliness, hostility, and depravity.

It’s easy to predict the outcome. A country full of such Whites would miss dangers to their way of life until it was too late.

Sounds like America, 2019.


The people behind the National Popular Vote advocacy group are, wait for it…..

very special!



Dead Sea people, I see them.


Via J.R.

Bravo has a show about rich families in Mexico City.

It’s called Mexican Dynasties.

so weird, they don’t look like the guys who hang out at the Home Depot parking lot

First, it’s infuriating how many shivs Trump leaves on the table.

Second….that’s a mighty White cast of Mexicans!

It’s as if nonWhites hate Whites in majority White nations, but minority White elites are beloved in nonWhite nations. Funny how that works out.


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