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Tax And Offend

From /pol/ News Network,

The worst thing about taxes isn’t the fact that you lose money, it’s the fact that your money is used to fund a welfare state of people who hate you.

That’s the awareness killshot. Contributing to a collective for the benefit of one’s kin, friends, and neighbors who all think and act similarly and appreciate the society you share is emotionally fulfilling. Contributing to deranged ingrates who laugh at thoughts of your untimely death and gleefully anticipate the political, cultural, and demographic dispossession of your kind is galling.

From a reader,

Which could and has been all be done locally, the fed and state governments doing it is utter theft

Socialism works best in scaled-down, homogeneous populations with high trust and human capital. It fails miserably in massive geopolitical, multiracial entities or in populations with low trust and human capital.

As astute right-wingers have quipped, would small government conservatives rather live in an all-White socialist paradise like Denmark, or in a nonWhite libertarian hellscape like Haiti?

America can survive her currently untenable configuration only by spinning off into decentralized regions and provinces, essentially reinstating de facto segregation into racially and ethnically homogeneous entities that can each to themselves better agree upon tax and spend policies. Collective action is achievable and sustainable when most of the individuals within the collective agree on a basic moral framework and worldview. When they don’t, taxation and socialism amount to punitive redistribution from unfavored groups to favored groups.

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