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America should have a #MeToo movement to protect herself from the depredations of Big Tech monopolies like Jeff “Dick Pic” Bezos’ Empire Amazog.

Amazon abuses its near-monopoly to bankrupt its competitors by selling at a loss, threaten brands with counterfeits until they sell on Amazon, and use third-party merchants’ data to undercut them.
All while being subsidized billions by the government…https://t.co/PrCkvGoVoQ

— James Damore (@JamesADamore) February 11, 2019

Remember James Damore? He blew the lid off the Diversity KKKult at Goolag. He’s one of the good men.

From Chad Bigly,

Yah there is a lot of talk about this among Amazon FBA sellers – a great example is their AmazonBasics brand

They just sit back and watch vendors sell white label shit from China and monitor performance, and when they see a winner they just order the same exact product and brand and sell it as their own and just completely crush everyone else

Pretty much every commodity item they sell under their own brand was once a high profit Chinese product someone else was selling successfully

My buddy had a kick-ass yoga mat biz going on Amazon for two years and AmazonBasics saw it and pretty much crushed him


High fat intake: longer life, no greater risk of cardiovascular disease. High carb intake: shorter life, increased risk of cardiovascular disease (N = 135,335) https://t.co/j2kfEHyU7T Comment: https://t.co/rCOHbvJ6SD Criticisms: https://t.co/KJ3ddP7opm pic.twitter.com/8Z2JHpvqD7

— Steve Stewart-Williams (@SteveStuWill) February 11, 2019

Reminder that soylibs want us all to give up meat (to save the planet) and stuff ourselves with refined sugary carbs until premature death from exploding heart.


There has been a news blackout of the raging Yellow Vest protests ongoing and intensifying in Maricon’s France.

Why has the Western media steadfastly refused to cover the story in any detail? Simple: The protestors are working class White Frenchmen pitted against rapacious Globohomo. Media weasels, as bought and paid for lackeys of Globohomo, don’t like that.

Now, if the protestors were POCs storming the streets to protest Trump or immigration restriction or White privilege, the media would have a camera in the face of every protestor.

Related: Andrew&Anglify on the Yellow Vests.


The Fundamental Premise in action:

“Laboratory studies and real-world data demonstrate that verdicts tend to be harsher for male than female defendants.” https://t.co/PMQnKuZTrz pic.twitter.com/XzxNsSEsJK

— Rolf Degen (@DegenRolf) February 11, 2019

Take whatever feminists claim, turn it around 180 degrees to its opposite, and you will have the truth of the world.


If you missed it, Ilhan Omar (D-brotherfucker) made news yesterday when she twatted that AIPAC buys off politicians.

Naturally, AIPACians and their politician whores pointed and sputtered through tears made of blue checkmarks — but it’s kind of tough to get traction with a POC victim olympics untouchable who’s doing for us Maul-Righters what a thousand UTR rallies could not: state the bleeding obvious about the [special people] and their lobbying efforts on behalf of their tribal interests.

As Constantine wrote, “Black, female, muslim. The only way to get higher on the totem is to be transgender as well.”

This is why Omar can state an obvious truth — that tribal lobbyists use their money to influence politicians to vote to their liking — and not, as of yet, get shitcanned from society as would a White man who said the same thing.

this no-filter moh@mmed1ndu is gonna be the right’s best ally.

I haven’t seen a triggering like this since the six day war.

A hearty THANK YOU to the pasty-assed scandicucks in MN who unwittingly elected a firebrand against zog!

Oh, here’s The Chelsea Entity, chiming in:

That’s a lot of empty blather. Chelsea Clinton is a vapid shell entity, just like her mom and her dad, Webb Hubbell.

One gets the sense that the [special people] overshot on their mass migration agenda, and have lost control of their front line POC troops intended to be a force multiplier against the White Gentile majority. It won’t be the Right that breaks the special stranglehold on the narrative; it’ll be rogue vibrants who are either too dumb or too flush with fresh demographic power to be effectively puppeteered.

The greatest irony of our age is that all the hateful, hate-filled, hate-fulfilled goy-right memes which enrage [the special people] may very well prove to be the kinder, gentler alternative which defuses unchecked and bluechecked [special power] in time to prevent a less genteel reaction.

From /pol/ News Network,

Simply pointing out AIPAC’s actual function counts as “anti-Semitism” now.

They think if they keep lowering the bar for what counts as “hate speech” that we’ll all shut up in fear of being called a bigot. What’ll actually happen is that nobody will care anymore, which is exactly what’s starting to happen.

The end game of “hate speech”: Any insufficiently enthusiastic rimjob of vibrants and [specials].

We need to have a national conversation about PACs and political lobbyists. Omar has cracked open Hashimite’s Box, and the lobbyists and their enablers fearfully screech and shriek on cue.

Lobbyist money should never have been granted immunity under free speech considerations. The idea of speech should have stayed where it was meant to stay: on the written and spoken word. But now billionaires and big money cabals can waltz into the Capitol building, via their lobbyist proxies, and bend policy to their whims because somehow it would violate the First Amendment if we didn’t allow the ultra-wealthy to dictate legislation.

Concentration of wealth is more dangerous than absolute wealth.

White Gentiles may have more money as a group, but it only takes absurd riches in the hands of a comparatively few [special people] to corrupt politics.

A small, coordinated cabal of wealthy individuals will bend ears far more effectively than a large, unfocused majority of individuals of modest means.

From Rabbi High Comma,

– The number of multi-millionaires in the US quadrupled from 1983 to 2007
– The median salaried employee had to work 2x as long to pay for the median priced home today vs. 30 years ago.
– The inflation-adjusted wages of working class Americans is lower today than 40 years ago
– Between 1999 and 2015 the US suicide rate increased 24%

The dam will break. The [special people] are working overtime to ensure they survive. May we wake enough of our people to win.

Kelly adds,

“Coordinated” a key term distinguishing this group. But I would add the willingness to coordinate, and undertake the risks of coordinating and cooperation, depend on the constant exercise of deep trust which, in this case, depend on ethnic solidarity. Tribal identity. You get that by merely being born into a given tribe.

Yes, which is why [this one tribe] works tirelessly to prevent that other, bigger tribe from feeling any sort of ethnic solidarity.

Special apologists like to say that bernie madoff proved they aren’t tribal.
It proved the opposite. They are so tribal that they were shocked one of their own would stiff them, despite their famed cynicism for expecting the worst from people.

From Smash Islamophobia,

For most of the 20th century, productivity increased at a fairly steady rate — and real wages tracked that gain on just about exactly the same slope… until the early 70s, when wage gains stopped. Since then, almost all of the benefit from productivity gains has gone to capital — zero to labor. That’s partly a consequence of women entering the workforce, but mostly due to replacement-level immigration. [pic related]

Immigration also drives up the price of housing — but it gives us the difficult-to-quantify benefits of diversity. So there’s that…

“A small, coordinated cabal of wealthy individuals will bend ears far more effectively than a large, unfocused majority of individuals of modest means.”

Especially if you use the mass media and the educational system to keep drumming the “Collectivism — Bad! Atomization — Good!” and ” ‘Racism’ — Bad! Out-group preference — Good!” message into the White goyim.

Diversity is good for the Tribe.

A host society that believes ideology > identity is good for the Tribe — because they act on the opposite principle.


Planned Parenthood makes sex vids for young children.

Tell me again why taxpayers are forced to fund PP just to see their money go straight into donations to the Democreep Party? Because reasons?


Democrats win 90% of districts with larger-than-average foreign born populations.

Democrats are the party of the global citizen.


Hate body odor? You’re more likely to have rightwing views.”

Yet another titillating piece of research which vindicates the theory that libs have high disgust thresholds and cons have low thresholds.


Niles wept.


Chicks dig entitled jerks.


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