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The Crisis Of Male Submission

walawala leaves a bad taste in my mouth with this anecdote,

Was at a party over the weekend which was a send off for a young couple: soyboy and chubby 6 who were leaving the city to get married elsewhere.
Someone asked whether they’d be back. “She’s the boss” soyboy declared proudly grinning like he won the Blue Ribbon for best of breed in some State Fair.
Everyone cheered. I looked away. I think I was of a “different generation” to this group. The chubby bride to be smiled awkwardly. As a side note she had been banging a friend of mine who 1. was married 2. treated her like a sloot and 3. didn’t live in the city so would bang her when he blew threw town on business and couldn’t find a ho.

she’s the boss!

The sexual polarity is inverted. Men submit to women, and women are recruited into dominance against their instincts.

The soyboy kneels at the feet of his woman. He calls her his queen (he is never the king). He defers to her on all decisions. He prostrates himself before her demands. He values her opinions more than his own. He begs for her sexual table scraps and cheerleads her past and present sexual profligacy with better men. He wifes up sluts and single mommies, while lashing himself for the slightest infraction against his woman’s honor. He forgives cheaters, forgets past cock counts, and fellates himself for his enlightened attitude. He wears the pussyhat in the family.

“The chubby bride to be smiled awkwardly.”

Most women DESPISE the beta males who through their weakness foist upon women the unwelcome mantle of dominant partner. Women WANT to submit to a stronger man; they don’t want a weaker man submitting to them. The repulsion women feel for the latter is equivalent to that felt by normal T men for domineering fat shrews.

This perverted sexual market will return to healthy functioning one day, but until then we’ll have to endure a grotesque spectacle of beta male supplication as their gimp memes and cucky genes are slowly, painfully, existentially washed out of the population.


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