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The Perfidious Jabba

Progressive America needs a rogue billionaire to sponsor the construction of a few cities in Montana and the Dakotas to level the senate playing field.

Wouldn’t take too many new residents to swing low-population stages.

— Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) February 6, 2019

A commenter quipped,

“Wouldn’t it be great if multi-billion dollar corporations could save us from the voters?”

Let’s clear the air about what motivates Fatty Yglesias. He viscerally hates White Christians.

I’m a firm believer that hate should be returned in kind, so here’s a suggestion:

Retributive America needs a rogue billionaire to sponsor the relocation of Third World migrants into Fatty Y’s neighborhood block, and set a few hundred of them up in his $1.2 million DC condo.

It wouldn’t take too many new vibrant residents to swing densely-populated shtetls into unlivable shitholes.


Another commenter,

Montana is 89.4% white. Those whites vote conservatively. You’re fine with taking power from them by transplanting a population that will not vote like them. It’s just interesting that this is morally fine, and republicans acting against this hypothetical scenario is wrong.

First, capitalize Whites. (Leave all other race designations uncapitalized.)

Second, ethnic cleansing is exactly what Polar Bear Victim 1 wants for red states. The same gerrymandering and redlining and gentrification that morally outrage shitlibs is A-Ok when those forces of demographic dispossession are targeted against Whites who are happy living among other Whites.


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