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Igor asks,

Who is more useful for Heritage America: Trump or AOC and the other third world socialist Dems? It can be argued the latter will be more effective in draining the swamp when they bankrupt the US. And they are not beholden to Israel. The right won’t fight so burn it all down by giving the left free reign.

Great question. Igor is asking if the better course for America is gradual remediation or immune-system activating accelerationism.

The jury is still out on the eventual impact of Trumpism, but two years in I admit my growing doubts about the “slow but steady” course correction avenue have tarnished my post-2016 election optimism. It’s a race against time, and the Horde, the Pussyhatters, the enemy media, and the [special people] aren’t letting up on the gas. My doubts are stoked by the sad but predictable reality of cucked Whites tentatively putting a glove in the ring, and then instantly withdrawing from the fight as soon as they get patted on the head for mouthing yet another Diversity Uber Alles nostrum, or harshly disciplined for daring to flirt with a White-aware dialectic.

Igor says the Right won’t fight. The Maul-Right will fight, and has been fighting. But we are slandered when we aren’t strategically ignored. Our numbers, however reflective they are of a larger Weltanschauung slowly forming among Whites in general, are still tiny, and without the Narrative control and, hence, electoral impact that another tiny but disproportionately influential group maintains for itself.

If the Maul-Right is doomed to rump status, and the Normie-Whites won’t shake off their cuck shackles in time to make a difference to the current trajectory of America, then Trump may have already outlived his usefulness. If BoomerTrump continues his depressing merge with the Uniparty establishment, then he could even become a liability. We aren’t there yet, so don’t freak out. A litmus test is coming….the Wall. Any Wall-for-amnesty deal means Trump is fully converged. If he declares a national emergency to build the Wall, then hope remains.

It’s too early to give a verdict one way or the other on the Remediation vs Accelerationism question, but Igor is right to worry about a weakened opposition that fights just enough to give false hope to Heritage Americans but not nearly enough to actually thwart the evil designs of the leftoid fuggernaut.

As we watch the rapid disintegration of our culture, the pathologization of the sane, the normalization of the degenerate, and the bastardization of our rhetoric intensify and accelerate, even a level-headed surveyor of the coming aPOCalypse like yours truly begins to wonder if an explicitly anti-White AOCataclysm is the stiff medicine America needs to purge the globalist cancer encroaching from every direction.

A total collapse of the financial system and the closest thing to national bankruptcy we can get might be the needed shock that triggers the necessary immune response. Otherwise, the morphine drip of iPhags and porn and cheap carbs will keep dong their job of suppressing our immune response as the disease painlessly rots our vitals.


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