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You can buy a sweet Trump ring at Skull Jewelry.

Commenter Corinth Arkadin bought one,

Speaking of Toxic Masculinity, I got my Trump ring today (you know, the one we talked about earlier this month). Guess what it came with?

Anyone? Anyone?

A bag of SKITTLES.

I’m pretty sure the folks at SkullJewelry.com are fans of CH.

Do they know about Skittles Man? Is this real life?

Oh yes, and it was NOT subtle, like “Oh here’s a bag of skittles in thanks that we were late with your order he he Drink Your Ovaltine” type-ebay shit, NO, it was like:

“Here’s yore bad ass, YUGE ring (it is, BTW, holy living fcuk!), Good Luck pulling HB8 tail, remember to Be Skittles Man”

Ah I feel a preen coming on…


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