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From KL,

D.C. metro recently decriminalized fare evasion, noting 90% of citations were issued to blacks. Here is a wrinkle: D.C. students, who are primarily black, get free Metrocards. They lose this subsidy after finishing school, and D.C. is an expensive city. I would favor subsidizing youth, but this gets lost in the broader racial issue.

In all the big blue cities, mass transit fare hikes for declining quality of service is a perennial complaint of the locals.

The richer, nicer White parts of those cities don’t mind the fare hikes too much, though, or at least they don’t agitate for fare control or fare reductions. Obviously, Whites can afford the higher prices for getting around town, but the real reason Whites are ambivalent about or even supportive of fare hikes is that expensive public transit — or missing public transit — has been used for a long time by urban shitlib Whites to control access to their nice neighborhood sectors of the city.

When there is talk of expanding subway lines or bus routes, or of decreasing the fares — or in the case of DC, NYC, and San Tranny, talk of decriminalizing fare evasion, which is tantamount to a fare price reduction subsidized by law-abiding pale riders — the shitlib Whites will complain that the loss of revenue (or the cost to taxpayers) will bankrupt the mass transit system. You have to read between the whines to know what they really mean: fare reductions and fare evasion decriminalization make it cheaper for vibrants from the bad parts of the city to travel to the White parts of the city to bless the gentrifiers with some vibrant vibrancy.

In a very real sense, controlling geographic mobility of the underclass is the urban White shitlib’s substitute for a wall separating White neighborhoods from the ghetto. Expensive housing, physical distance, and transportation inconvenience are the equivalent of Trump’s Wall for urban shitlibs.

You will never hear louder screeching than that from well-off Whites in a nice part of a city fighting against a proposal to extend a new bus route or subway line into their guarded elysium, especially if that extension directly ferries shitholies from an across-town shithole.

Decriminalizing fare evasion, like many coastal shitlibopolises are considering in the name of “racial justice”, will encourage a flood of enrichment and the attendant criminality into White urban enclaves. I would not be surprised if crime rates shoot up in the near future in these cities currently experimenting with “remedying” the black-hispanic-White disparate policing impact.

This is the abandonment of the Broken Windows Theory, which states that cracking down on small crimes creates an environment which prevents bigger crimes. But BWT was too successful; violent crime fell, because loads of blacks and hispanics were arrested on minor charges before they could graduate to committing worse crimes. Now that the aPOCalypse is taking over America, the racial fault lines in criminal behavior are once again front and center, with the AOCs and Corey Bs and Omar Sharias enthusiastically calling for retrograde 1970s high crime era policies that would warm a blue-haired SJW’s vape-clogged heart.

It’ll be interesting to watch the contortions that urban White shitlibs twist themselves into as they scramble to find socially acceptable reasonings to justify opposing the anti-White political and social momentum toward decriminalizing black and brown criminality. Or maybe they’ll just bend over and take it, as the country replays Escape From New York one more time. The lessons never take with shitlibs. They have to keep relearning them at the point of a mugger’s gun.


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